…And the Fatherhood Award Goes To… D-Wade!

From working out, to playing basketball games, to press conferences, to any and everything dealing with the Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade still makes time for his 2 sons! And after losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, he STILL comes out on top!

After recently winning custody of his sons, NBA Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade has been awarded the Fatherhood Award by the National Fatherhood Initiative.



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~Charli Dell

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  1. Dwyane I was surprised to look at the newspaper and see you , you have those kids under control . I had no clue that you had a summer camp Dwyane when I spoke upon this I was speaking about The HEAT Summer fall camp at the Air Base . I feel as though someone is trying to hurt me , but I know thats all in my mind I guess., Many nights I had a strong desire to be with you . Dwyane I was bit by a DOG july 11th 2011. And I also have tryed throughout the year to meet you . Mr Kenneth McCranney’s call on my situation when Sandy the secretary knew my desperation. I realize it boggles my mind how she bounces around the NBA League, nfl league and baseball too!. I know shes popular Gabriel . Youve done alot for her . You obviously see others its not my concern as long as it does not affect me. Gabriele is avery nice lookin women. It will heal its bruised from thepressure of the two teeth marks. Dwyane I desire to live with you directly Im clean and I’ll help in anyway possible
    As for me this Dog bit isnt so bad I took a picture of it you might see it eventually it was only two teeth marks. Dwyane it hurts really bad. I miss you and I have some uncertainty in my life. Dwyane lets get real your a very wealthy handsome young man and although I flooded you with letters I believe your very patient with those that desire to meet you. Often times I wondered dreamed you name it . Im tired Dwyane but you are happy and youve traveled quite a bit already this year Italy and Los Angles ect. Dwyane I dont know how you handle these kids those are a bunch of kids there at Nova SouthEastern. I really would still love to meet you. I almost met you last year . I remember my favorite picture when I first come to know who you were. The magazine with you standing with your shirt open. You still look very youthful.. Dwyane Im quite a bit older than you by far. But I’ve had a lot of junk in my life so it seems. If I tried to explain it would just bore you because it bores me. Im not staying at this hotel and I do not watch Soccer. I have a basketball I was so upset about my license today that Dwyane If it were not so hot I would have took that basketball and went to the courts here on Oakland Park. Imiss you Dwyane but I dont want to be a nuisance . I was a little shock up for a couple days after being bit by a mut it was part pitbull. Dwyane to tell you what Im experiencing right now isnt what I thought I would ever go through over and over. If I told you I need you then what , what if I could hand carry information to you. You should see how many letters I have that I havent mailed. Because I dont know who controls your website Dwyane Im not your enemy. But I did come into Miami specifically because I have defined loving sincere feelings for you its been close to a year now that Ive been communicating . In times past when I wrote Alonzo and Tracey in 2005 I wrote you Dwyane, but I wrote it anonimisly annonimyous how do you spell anonymous anyway. Why did you take the ACT college prep test? Dwyane I thought of just If you only knew Im not hard to get along with and I think your a great guy wonderful man. With a great sense of humor. Your a very handsome man, and I’ve had some really strong feeling for you throughout the years. But you must remember I do come from a different generation Dwyane. I have particular interest in the foundation do people work for you and get paid for helping with your foundation? Maybe Im asking to many questions. Your little fellows seem to be very well behaved little boys are mindful and well their very fortunate to have a Father like you Dwyane. Your a very unique man. Your very humorous and uplifting type of person well liked . Dwyane Im in broward county because although I do really like parts of Miami I have be connected properly. I lost everything in times past . Im beyond that now and I desire to be with you . To LOVE you like a women loves a man . Am I wrong for telling you that. This season with the HEAT and watching just about every game but one was the first time in a lifetime I was able to do that. Broward County is changing to many gay people . Im not gay DWyane , and I dont comment much about them . Their gay their gay and they do what they do. I feel that God wanted or desires also for me to connect meet you because I didnt know you had a SUMMER Camp at Nova South eastern at all. and I mentioned Summer CAmp. I was sayingreferring to your HEAT training at the Air BAse. Dwyane who controls you web site throughout the SEASON during BAsketball season, Actually Im very lonely. By the way I dont have rabies or anything Im healthy its just the Dog Bit Hurts Dwyane.I pray alot and I know you desire to get back to work with the NBA Im certain MR Pat Riley and who ever the powers to be are will resolve this NBA Stall Time . And let things get back to some normality for the NBA. Dwyane its cold in this computer room . Thank you so much for letting me communicate Im so tired Dwyane but Im coping and praying . I ask God for Power to over come the evil thing ‘s and to be with you . Dwyane this dog bit hurts I really desire to be with you not just when theres some thing wrong . Dwyane Im getting older and I would LOVE to have a heart to heart communication with you when you feel comfortable. Mr Kenneth McCranney is as close as I got. hes nice but he seemed to be clear on what he thought was formally right I agreed .He said I’ll pray for you and that he hoped I will meet you . After 2 1/2 3 years he said its about time for you to meet Dwyane . He suggested the practice at The AFB . Your a beautiful person Dwyane and youve grown to be very popular these past few years eight years is a long time and IFGod permit the plan to meet you to come true at your NBA practice . I wrote Father Fadallion and his co workers as I need sponsorship to come on to the facility. Dwyane if you are relative to Colonel Donald Wade then your a predessor you made big like he did but in a different way . I prayed last season that God keep you healthy and strong in the midst of the season and to keep you and for there to be no injuries.I not that great with computers I was going to see if I have alittle time to brush up on some of the software packages but I get a little bored with commputers sometime. Im so used to walking around at times sometime I just have to get up and take a long walk. Dwyane I really LOVE you very much. Im really looking forward to meeting you. Some time I think Im dreaming do you really read these comments Dwyane. Your so popular Dwyaneand people really like you. Dwyane Ive often wondered what will it be like to feel the wrmth of you body close to mine .To love you throughout the night and live with you and help you in any way possible. Dwyane I have an immediate family of my own that I havent seen since 2005 . 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  2. Really though?


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