Beauty + Style | WHY Does Michelle Obama Have It ALL?

So while snoopin’ in my parent’s bedroom one day, looking for the latest Jet Magazine, I ran across this book: “Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy”.

I Love, love Barack, but sorry Pres… It’s all about Michelle today! Ever since I hopped on board with Barack Obama’s election process, I immediately fell in love with EVERY THING about Mrs. Obama. Her speeches, her smile, her drive, her support, her PUSH, her style, her impressively educated background… everything. This lady HAS IT ALL. She’s gorgeous, young, gifted, and BLACK!

Now. My mother and I are always talking about what Momma Michelle is wearing and her sense of style and fashion. My mother too, is into fashion and definitely knows how to wear a classy and elegant fit.

235 pages of beautiful ensembles worn by OUR First Lady?

And I didn’t skip one page!

Facts about Momma Michelle:

She is the 1st African American First Lady of the United States

Graduate of Princeton University (Sociology & African American Studies — Cum Laude)

Graduate of Harvard Law (Juris Doctor)

Mentored Barack Obama while they were at Sidley Austin Law Firm

Associate Dean of Student Services at University of Chicago

She has been on the cover of:




O [Oprah]

The New Yorker




The Black Woman

Good Housekeeping




Everybody wants her! And why?

Michelle Obama has got a fantastic, gorgeous body so she comes from a beautiful starting place. She can carry any price point and pull it off. And she isn’t a fashion snob at a time when we’re always asking where did you get that or whose dress are you wearing? She’s just perfection when it comes to her wardrobe. But the main thing is she looks great without trying, unlike most people who spend a lot of money trying to figure out what to do or they spend money on people who will try and help them figure out what to do. I get the feeling she looks in her closet and picks what looks good on her that day. So one day, she’s wearing an out-of-the-box designer, and then the next day, she’s in a T-shirt and a pair of khakis. Her head is really screwed on straight when it comes to fashion because that’s not the most important thing in her life. She’s just like us and is accessible and relatable to every woman in America of every economic status and every ethnicity.”

Gayle King

Not to mention her grand standing of almost 6 feet tall. Michelle doesn’t even try… Oh, and her daughter, Malia is not far behind, standing 5 feet 9 inches tall at only 12 years old.

Just in one year, Malia Obama had an amazing growth spurt shooting from 5’4 to 5’9, almost shoulder length of her father.


And who said that a cute shoe has to be a pump, wedge, or stiletto?

Shoot, Momma Michelle rocks flats, and knows just how to ROCK them!

Michelle Obama is my idol. Mostly focused on her educational background. I freaking love her!

To purchase books on Michelle Obama:

Michelle: A Biography

First Lady of Hope

Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy

Michelle Obama: First Lady of Fashion and Style




  1. Enjoyed the Blog Mrs. O Rocks!

  2. ezspits says:

    I really wish a lot of our young black women would look to her as a point of reference as to how to carry themselves. Great piece!

  3. OMG!!!! I LOVE Michelle Obama…this blog post was excellent Charli! ;)

  4. Thank you everyone! More to come! =] Stay tuned!


  5. Wow…I just simply love our 1st Lady! :-)

  6. Jessica says:

    Did you see her on the Kids Choice Awards? She looked fab!

  7. Jessica says:

    Did you see her outfit from the Kids Choice Awards? She had on skinnies LOL and looked fab!


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