Happy Birthday To the Late Dorothy Dandridge

“…Our Marilyn Monroe”

-Diana Ross

Born November 9, 1922, and known for her cool sensational voice, her unique attractiveness, her beautiful dark eyes, & her charming class…

poised with elegance, glamour, and grace, Dorothy Jean Dandridge was an icon of Hollywood adorableness and artistry for Black America.

I have been so fascinated with the late Miss D for some years now, and every time I watch either Carmen Jones, Porgy and Bess, or Island in the Sun, I get amazed all over again by her intriguing talents.

“…America’s First Black Sex Symbol”

-Janet Jackson

I feel so honored to share the same birthday with the first African American actress to be nominated for an Oscar for “Best Actress in a Leading Role”… the 3rd African American to receive a nomination in any category at all…  and the first African American woman to polish the cover of “Life” magazine.

(and how ironic, Halle Berry, who closely resembles Miss D and portrayed her in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge… won years, years later.)

“Harold says I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.

-Halle Berry as Dorothy Dandridge

Wasn’t she dazzling?

She would have been 89 years old, today.

Dorothy Jean Dandridge

-November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965

Oh… and what about me?

Well…  I’m just a lucky gal, another year older, celebrating the gift of “me” to the world!

Thank you mommy & daddy!


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