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My Story As I Remember Whitney Houston

About an hour ago I was preparing for an academia presentation scheduled for Monday evening; but for the last 20 minutes, I took the time reminiscing about the glorious vocals of the legendary Whitney Houston. I love good music. Ella Fitzgerald. Nina Simone. Adele. Corinne Bailey Rae… But Whitney Houston’s voice is what I grew up to and GOOD music that I believe my generation remembers & respectively cherishes the most.

I took a moment to text my family members (just a few seconds ago), to remind them of my fond memory of Whitney Houston. Years, years ago, during my childhood and teen… early teen years, my family and I would take long road trips and the top music in rotation would always be either: Disney soundtracks (don’t ask), Motown, and Whitney Houston. My little brother (sorry bro) and I would always sing lyrics to her songs; “I Have Nothing“, “I Believe In You and Me”, “I Will Always Love You”, “I’m Every Woman”, “Run To You”, &  of course, “When You Believe”…. and those songs would almost be the highlight of the trip, lol (this was before he and I owned walkmans & CD players.) Ahhh and how can we forget The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale & The Preacher’s Wife? Sigh.

Bobbi Kristina, we are thinking of you.

Will always love your music, Whitney — Pop Music’s QUEEN.



  1. Good post. Lord knows I can watch The Bodyguard AND Waiting to Exhale over and over again and not get tired. To this day, I still believe that those two soundtracks are thee absolute best! She was such a beautiful and talented woman. Thanks for sharing your story.

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