Interview | With Hollywood’s Entertainment Correspondent, Adrianna Costa

Adrianna Costa is currently an Entertainment Correspondent at Extra with Mario Lopez, where she keeps her fingers on the pulse of all breaking news in Hollywood. She covers movie junkets, red-carpet premiers, and one-one-one interviews with some of the industry’s most buzzed-about Stars. Costa is best known for her coverage on everything from breaking entertainment news at CNN Headline News and a live Reality Competition Series on FOX, to the ever-glamorous Red-Carpets for the biggest premiers and award shows in Hollywood! She has been dubbed FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World”. Adrianna has interviewed tons of celebrities from pop entertainer Justin Bieber to America’s most richest woman, Oprah Winfrey. Yes… and I got the awesome chance to interview Adrianna and exclusively discover what such a sweet heart she is!

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Charli > Hi Adrianna!

Adrianna > Hi how are you?!

Charli > I’m great! I am entertainment writer and celebrity interviewer for MediaBlvd Magazine and I wanted to ask you some questions about Extra, projects you’re working on, and all of that jazz!

Adrianna > Great!

Charli > I wanted to start with some back ground info. How did you get started in the entertainment business. What inspired or attracted you?

Adriana > I always wanted to get into the business because I’ve always been obsessed with pop culture, celebrities, movies, and music, all of them; so I always had this fascination with popular culture and wanted to understand the idea of why people are obsessed with celebrities. So as a kid, I loved performing — I never felt like much of an actress, so I liked the idea of doing live television and the rush you get. So you put the two together and you become an entertainment correspondent.

Charli > Right. So I think I read somewhere at the age of 24 you begin working with CNN Entertainment.

Adrianna > Yes.

Charli > What was that experience like at that age, and how did it open more doors for you?

Adrianna > I think I was one of the youngest correspondents to ever work with CNN and it was kind of like boot camp. So whenever something was breaking news, it was happening there first and we found out about it first. So it really felt like you had your finger on everything going on. It was incredible; a really good experience. And that’s when you learn the dark side of entertainment also. [laughter] Which was having to wake up at 3 in the morning and be in at 4 in the morning to write your stories, get hair and make-up done, and be live on air at 6. So you know, you kind of put your social life on the side, but overall, that was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Charli > Wow! So talk about your experience with Mario Lopez and the other hosts on Extra! What do you enjoy the most about working with them?

Adrianna > Mario is a dear friend. He is the same person on camera as he is off. So, I mean he is that guy. All of the guys want to best friends with him and all of the women want him. [laughter] He’s got the dimples, he’s got the body, and he’s also really cool! When random fans come up to him everyday, he always takes pictures, always gives photographs. I don’t want to say just an everyday guy, but he kind of feels like he’s your bestfriend. So that’s why people love him so much. He’s super cool. I love his girlfriend Courtney, she’s also a friend. And he has the most gorgeous baby in the world, Gia. I’m really close with Terri Seymour. She’s a doll. She’s another one who is the same person on and off camera. There’s no way you can rub her. She’s glamorous, sexy, and cool, and also just very down to earth.

Charli > Mario really sounds like someone you would want to just hang out with everyday!

Adrianna > He’s the life of the party! I mean you could put him in the room and he’ll be best friends with everybody.

Charli > Cool! I know you touched on it briefly, but I know you have a background in film; do you have any interests in pursuing it one day? Even if you don’t want to be an actress, do you want to pursue directing, producing, or any other field in the entertainment world?

Adrianna > Just last year I did my first movie role as an actress. I played a reporter, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. I had fun! Journalism is kind of my backbone and what I love the most. If I could get some acting roles in between it, I would be all for it.

Charli > Right. I’ve seen you a few times on TV, you know, hosting the red carpet events. So what do you look forward to the most when you’re preparing to host a red carpet event?

Adrianna > The best thing for me when I’m doing interviews is to get to know that person. For example, when you’re standing on the red-carpet, what people don’t see is that you’ve got a publicist nearby to kind of wrap you up. You’re wondering about camera angles. You’re wondering about lighting. You’re making sure that the subject is happy. So it’s a little bit intense. You’re number one focus is getting through all of the questions. So that’s my focus, the ones that breath a little more.

Charli > Right. So how do you feel about being dubbed on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World?

Adrianna > I’ll take it! [laughter] Yeah I’ll take it. You definitely don’t always feel it, that’s for sure. You wake up and your face is all puffy, today for example. You don’t always look your best. Like everyone else, we’ve got a great team, great help, wonderful make-up artists and hairstylist; so there’s a lot of help that goes into it. The camera is not always my best friend. [laughter] And it always gets tougher as the years go by! [laughter] I am definitely grateful for that title, and I’ll take it. Hopefully I’ll get one in the years to come.

Charli > I don’t have this question down, but I wanted to ask, have any fans or anyone ever compared you to another celebrity?

Adrianna > Yes, I’ve gotten it. [laughter] Who do you think?

Charli > [laughter] I think you could definitely be one of the Kardashians, Kourtney. [laughter] have you gotten that one?

Adrianna > Yeah I’ve gotten Kourtney. I’ve gotten Kim. I’ve gotten Eva Longoria before. Which by the way, I’m so grateful. [laughter] Those are just the ones I’ve gotten so far.

Charli > Yeah I can see Eva too! [laughter] I always like to ask an inspirational question, and given you’ve accomplished so much as a celebrity host, fashion expert, a journalist… — what kept you motivated and inspired throughout the years?

Adrianna > Probably from people saying no. I’m not even joking. The more people that say, “Ehhh it’s not just working out for you” or “this isn’t going to happen”, the more people saying no… the more I’m saying, “Really? I’ll prove you wrong.” To anybody that wants to get into this business… if you aren’t in love with it and have a passion for it, then find something else. But if this is what you want, then definitely, stick with it. Really give a draw and don’t give up. Because what I find is really sad is that when people don’t follow their dreams, they sacrifice what they really want to do and just do what they have on the back burner. And you don’t really live for that.

Charli > Love it. Thanks so much. So are there any new projects that you’re working on?

Adrianna > I will be working with Extra. I love working on Extra! It’s such an incredible job; living the dream every single day. Interviewing people who are fascinating. And getting to perform. It’s so much fun.

Charli > Yeah like every time I see you on TV, you’re full of energy [laughter], you just really seem like you enjoy what you do! I think that is so amazing and definitely inspirational, just to watch you.

Adrianna > Aww, that’s so sweet of you. Thank you!

Charli > No problem! How can fans connect with you via social networking websites?

Adrianna > Great question. So I think on Twitter I’m @AdriannaCosta and that’s the best way really.

Charli > Okay. Well I thank you so much Adrianna for dropping in. I didn’t want to hold you too long! Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Adrianna > Give me your name one more time please.

Charli > Charli.

Adrianna > Ahh I love that name! Thank you so much Charli, I really appreciate it. But no, I think that’s it. You covered it all, it was great! Thank you.


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