Love + Relationships | “Has Social Media Ever Gotten YOU In Trouble?”

You’ve seen the tweets. Some people make it a part of their daily Twitter habit to post something about how Twitter can ruin a relationship, how you can’t follow your significant other and all other types of sayings. Then you have others who take the “it’s just Twitter” approach. It makes me question how many of us have actually gotten caught up in Twitter drama with our significant others.

As for my stance on the debate, I disagree with both of the arguments above.

For one, Twitter does not have the power to ruin a relationship – a person’s actions do. And two, it’s not just Twitter. There would be no Twitter if users didn’t tweet. Therefore, these tweets that people post are a reflection of them and their daily lives (or at least that’s what they want us to think).

I have gotten caught up in a little Twitter drama with my significant other. Some caused by him and some caused by me. Just like with text messages, there is the possibility that you can read too much into a tweet and other times, your assumptions are spot on.

In my experience, while I do sometimes get a little bent out of shape by his tweets, I have learned that Twitter or no Twitter, he is going to do what he wants and I don’t blame Twitter for it. He feels the same way, if doesn’t see me on his timeline, he rarely (if ever) goes to check my tweets.

Have you ever gotten caught up on social networking sites? How did you handle it? 

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