Southern Traditions For Luck + Prosperity

“Southerners are known for their hospitality and the foremost way of exhibiting it is through food.”

― Cicely Tyson

Most of us like to start off the new year with a new attitude, a new YOU, high goals & resolutions that for NOW you think you will stick to, right? Awww… bless your heart!

Life below the Mason Dixie line is so cherish-able and sweet.

For years & years us southerners have been known for our country dialect, country eating habits, music traditions like jazz & blues, and not to forget, our safe kept, old fashioned health remedies;  & our delicious southern cuisine!

Items that i’d encourage you to add to today’s menu:

  • Greens
  • Black Eye Peas
  • Cornbread
  • Pork

Photo | southernbite.com

At first planted as food for livestock, and later a food staple for slaves in the South, today the tradition of eating these foods for the New Year, has evolved into a number of variations and embellishments of the luck & prosperity theme. (About.com)

Served on a dish, black-eye peas represent coins and the greens (mustards, collards, turnips) represent paper money. In most regions of the South, cabbage is used in the place of greens. Cornbread, represents gold, and pork – progress.

Happy New Year y’awl!


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