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Once Upon A Time, NYC Had a Sixth Borough.. Pictures From The City

I really don’t know how this slipped my mind. All I know, and clearly all you know is that I was there. No pictures, no videos, no nothing! I visit NYC often, here & there (it’s like my 2nd home on the east coast, so I guess that’s my lame excuse). And you know I don’t get too personal on here or on any social network for that matter!

But why now? Just doing this because a few of my readers wanted to know how my extended stay turned out! So now, after a WHOLE semester, a NEW Year, and some change… here’s only a glimpse of what my experience looked like. It rained so much over the summer months, so nothing special. I have 150+ pictures, but I’ll spare you by showing only the ones centered around my internship.

Once upon a time… NYC had a sixth borough…

nyc3 nyc7

Grilled chicken sandwiches from corner deli’s in the Lower East Side were really tasty!

nyc8 nyc9

nyc10 nyc11 nyc13 nyc14

Lower East Side, Manhattan

nyc17 nyc18 nyc21

The workplace.

nyc22 nyc26

One of the events that I worked. Lo, from “The Hills” and my boss.

nyc27 nyc28

nyc30 nyc31 nyc33 nyc34 nyc39 nyc40



nyc46 nyc49 nyc51 nyc53 nyc56





  1. These pictures are amazing! I’ve visited NY twice but always missed the opportunities to really explore like I wanted. How lucky are you?! Lol
    xo, YM

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