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Loc Baby: Will This Be Day 1?


Okay. I lied. I owe you all an apology. And clearly, an explanation.

My last post regarding my regimen I stated, and I quote:

“Over the holiday, I pondered on getting my hair dreaded – BUT before you get all “big-eyed”, it didn’t take long for me to snap out of that “what if” thought. And that’s all it was, “what if?” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dreads; especially the really long ones ♥”

Well maybe it isn’t really all the way a lie! I lived on pinterest over the holiday. Spent lots of time viewing gorgeous locs of all walks of life (pictured below). And as a result, I secretly became obsessed. So now, after I’ve been inspired, I think I may have decided to go ahead and loc up. Reasons being:

I’m over it.

  1. While I love my curls & love the idea of “big hair”, I hate the styling process. Of course, every woman wants their hair to look glamorous, so with lots of squeezed in time, I managed. But that detangling process and maintaining the styles that I spent half-a-day, or half of my weekend in doing, was absolutely horrid. I have a head full of THICK 3C CURLS — so talk about 30-45 minutes extra in the shower, clogged sinks once a month (liquid plumbing is NOT cheap!), the parting, the twisting, the braiding; finding random bobby pins tangled in my fro everyday…

Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

  • Let me just wake up, and go. (That’s going to be the best part)
  • I’ve never worn weave before, but I’m totally  in love with the look of box braids, Senegalese & Marley twists. They are always gorgeous, when done RIGHT. They hang really long. You can accessorize it with a cute cap/fedora, bun them in a really cute high bun, all that jazz… and still keep it moving! Just as I would with my curls. But LESS time, and less frustration.

So in short, I’ve gotten lazy.

But I’m really confident that my locs will turn out really gorgeous. Just like when I abruptly decided to go natural. Chose that decision and haven’t turned back. I’m excited, but the only downside (con in my view) is losing length. After research, I learned that some hair types shrink a lot when they begin to loc. After 3 years of growth, I have a nice length. So I’m expecting shrinkage, but it won’t turn me away. And even with the locs, I won’t do too much. Keep them clean and let them hang.

*I’m going with the two-strand method and let ’em loc up over the next course of months by palm rolling.

By sticking to my new regimen, I should still make my goal to waist length in no time. Patience, girl, patience!

I’ll update my journey once a month.

Be comfortable in your own skin.