[Hair Pictures] Loc Baby: It’s Been 2 Months For My Babies!


2 months in, and 2 words = FRIZZY MESS!

I guess some people may call this the “ugly stage”, but geeze Louise, this stuff is all over the place. To me, I really wouldn’t say it’s the ugly phase because oddly, I still get compliments on my hair, daily. I’m like “What, huh? Okay, thank you” 

Anyway, not too much has changed since last month – besides the increased frizz. I’ve decided to start tying my hair down at night in attempts to fight back the funny pieces, but that’s about it. I’m “budding” yippee! That’s the fun part, to watch how the twists begin to draw together into what will eventually become, a dreadlock. Pretty neat.

But… I still have a long, long way to go. Because of my texture, it will probably take 8 months to a year before my hair really locs up like I want it.

As far as products go, I’m still using my Aloe Vera Gel for the re-twisting, but I add just a dab of that Mango & Lime Locking Gel to ensure that it holds better. Re-twisting is still only once a month; that way I can see just how much my hair is growing while not stressing my roots out. Apple Cider Vinegar + Water mix for my washing.

Frizzy Bun (These are still the same twists from Day 1)


New growth – before my re-twist, grow baby, grow!


Glimpse shot of the side of my hair


Light re-twisting


All done… It may look extremely shiny & moisturized, but I didn’t apply any conditioner of any sort to my hair. Throughout the month, it toughens up from the lack of moisture and frequent wetting in the shower. See all the frizz??? SMH!


Overall, I’m still really enjoying this transition process. It’s made me appreciate locs even more; so the patience continues! Side bar: I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep my curly ends, hopefully they won’t totally loc up on me. Hehe… Throughout my research, I’ve noticed that a lot of curly heads still have curly ends with their locs. So that would be cool if I got to keep a little curl:)

Welcome, MONTH 3.




  1. VIOLETA says:

    Cool pics! I still have some of my curly ends. They are mostly in the front. I think it’s because my texture is straighter and thinner there. My back ones have been drawing-in the past few months. It just sneaks up on you and one day you’re like “when did that happen?” :D

    Anyway, way to go. Your baby locs are looking gorgeous. I can’t wait to put mine up into a chignon. :D

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your process! My back locs are drawing up faster than others, so I’m thinking they will loc first. It DOES sneak up on you! I can see more shrinkage as the weeks pass by.

      Thanks sugar! I’m so excited! x

  2. Can you loc your hair at any length? Do you have to cut it to loc it?

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