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Loc Baby: It’s Been 3 Months For My Babies!

3 months in… let the frustration of wanting to give up kick in. Go ahead, try me, immature babies! I bet I won’t.

Sigh, okay so the frizz is still here but not a major problem, I’m learning to adjust for this short time period. If I could give some advice for this stage, it would definitely be: TIE UP YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT. I didn’t do this in the beginning, and I realize that it probably would have made one hell of a difference. So now I’m stuck playing: what if I had done this!

Nevertheless, I’m truly loving and embracing this journey. I’m sure that my babies will be absolutely beautiful when this process comes to its end. I mean, they already are — yeah, and even with the frizz. In comparison to the basic natural hair transition, I’m stuck, battling with two different textures. Well not really textures, but most of my hair still has that “two strand twist” form; and the roots to an inch down, are beginning to give me that loc’d look. They are budding and developing, which is very exciting, it’s just an extremely long process. I just have to remind myself that I’ve already done this when I transitioned back in ’08 for a year. And that transitioning process was uber boring. Another update, I’ve been questioned a few times if I’m loc’ing up, from the look of my hair. You should hear me. I be like,

“Yeah! Can you tell?! YES!”

Another question I get is who is my loctician? No one but me. I installed my own two-strand twists and have since been maintaining them myself. Even though I’ve been natural for 3 years, I’m still learning more and more about my beautiful tresses. Falling in love all over again!

As far as the maintenance, nothing has changed. I’m washing every week and re-twisting once a month. I also wet my hair in the shower at least every other day. But geesh, I’ve definitely lost half of my length. You shall see comparisons in the end.

These pictures are from two days ago after washing and tightening my roots.

Take a look.

3rd Month Frizzy Bun (this is my go-to style, but of course you know this)


The back… this is what my re-twist looks like each month. Not too tight, not too loose. I’ve never liked that, “fresh and tight look” like you’ve just come from the salon.


“Budding” or “joining together”. Can you tell the difference between the two textures? The two strands are frizzy and the “bud” isn’t. Kind of neat.


Right after drying and taking my clips out.


This is how I wear my hair on average during this process. Of course I have more options, like various pin ups and things, but I’m choosing not to post-pone the loc’ing process because of extreme styling. So I’m keeping it simple for now.



Welcome, MONTH 4.


    1. good job! yeah i’ve been wanting to loc for a couple of years now.. but i waited and enjoyed embracing my natural first. that way you can really learn your hair and have an idea on how it will turn if you were to loc. thanks for stopping by! xo

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