In Her Beauty Closet: “Spot Or Not – Getting Rid of Dark Spots” + Scarinex



Sooooo everyone wants perfect skin, right? No acne, no discoloration, no dark marks. Sounds impossible, but it’s very possible. I constantly stress that taking care of your skin by developing a daily skin regimen is vital to developing and maintaining beautiful skin.

So as usual, I am my own test subject. Sounds scary, but I do a lot of reading and research before I put ANYTHING on my face. Lately, I’ve been slightly annoyed by a few little dark spots on my face. I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup on any given day, but I do use it to cover those little spots. Now I’ve challenged myself to make those spots vanish!



I had a talk with my mother, who’s great with skincare and makeup (she’s actually a professional) and she advised me to try some fade cream. I was previously using Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (which worked absolutely awesome), but it’s a tad bit pricey– $49.50 for 1 oz./ $76 for 1.7 oz./ $138 for 3.4 oz. It’s definitely worth the money, but I’m always willing to try less expensive (and of course effective) alternatives. So Ambi Fade Cream it was! I bought a 2 oz. tube of it at CVS for $6.49. There are two versions—one for normal skin and the other for oily skin.



So what’s the science behind this cream? Three key ingredients: Hydroquinon, Vitamin E and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.


Hydroquinon is a much debated ingredient. It is a key ingredient in many skin lightening products, but the worry is that it has carcinogens (cancer causing agents). Due to my personal research, I’ve found that the amount of hydroquinon that is allowed in over-the-counter products (which is only 2%), is the safest amount that decreases the risk of complications. Research shows that prolonged use in higher concentrations are potentially dangerous, so unless you plan on using a prescription strength amount over a span of years you need not worry. Oh, and as with ANY new skin care product…you should test a small area of your skin first to make sure no irritation occurs (especially if you have sensitive skin).

Now for one of the best skin care ingredients….Vitamin E oil!! It is a great skin protectant against free radicals and UV rays. A wonderful property of Vitamin E oil is the fact that it is lipid soluble (which means it is easily absorbed into the skin) and by penetrating the skin it aids in cell regeneration (producing newer, smoother skin). It helps with sooooo many things, but I’ll save that for another post

Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a common ingredient used in chemical peels. This particular ingredient basically removes layers of the epidermis to reveal new skin that is smoother and even-toned.

Other products I use in my regimen before applying the Ambi Fade Cream:






Collectively, all these ingredients work together to give rise to NEW skin with NO spots (or minimal spots, lol)!!! I took some before pictures (as you can see) and in a few weeks I’ll be showing my progress. I’ve only been using it for two weeks now. Stay tuned!


Remember: Some things we may have to focus on a little more than others, but the key to maintaining beautiful skin is CONSISTENCY. Develop a routine and stick to it faithfully.




  1. Just like my morning regime…
    Except there is more beard involved.

  2. Interested in seeing how this works….

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