Six Vegetables You Should Eat In Summer For Glory Skin

Vegetables are extremely important for daily diet. There are wide selections of vegetables which are available during different times of the years. During summer, people tend to have more vegetables than meat and egg. This is because summer vegetables have water content and help the body to remain cool and fight the heat. Vegetables also help keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Switch to vegetables this summer as that’s your best beauty regime. Some great heat buster vegetables which might be a part of your beauty regime are:


Scientifically it might be called a fruit but hold households refer it to as vegetables. Cucumber belongs to the gourd and the squash family and they mostly contain water in them. The high water content is what keeps us cool and fresh throughout the day. It is the water in them that keeps your skin glowing. Even the skin of the cucumber has magnesium, potassium and fiber which have varied health benefits. Vitamin C and Silica in Cucumber help in rebuilding of tissue which is similar to the property of any anti aging product. Skin cleansing and digestion is what the cucumber does. It acts as roughage and therefore it is recommended to have after every heavy meal.


Mushrooms are available all throughout the year but they have an abundance in summer. They are high in minerals and have great number of nutrients in them. It along with strengthening the immune system also gives a glow to your skin. When selecting mushroom go for Chanterelles and Porcinis mushrooms as they are the best. Make sure that the mushrooms are firm and dry.


This summer squash is filled with Vitamin A, B and C. They are also high in magnesium, proteins, Copper and omega 3 fatty acids. The high nutrient content gives our body a boost when the sun sucks out all the energy from us.

Broad Beans

They are commonly seen in summers in Asian and North African countries. The green, tender and fresh vegetables are high in protein, fiber, iron and Vitamin A and C.  They help in maintaining the blood pressure which usually falls in summer and also enhances the skin. To get every bit of the nutrient in Broad Beans, steam to eat it as the nutrients remain intact.


Shallot belongs to the family of Garlic and Onions. The advantages of shallot are numerous. The anti oxidant in it fights cancer, liver, and colon diseases. It also has anti bacterial and anti allergic properties.


Carrots which were previously found only in summer season are now throughout the year. Along with its ability to strengthen eye sight, it also fights dry skin and gives healthy glowing skin.

Most of these vegetables along with maintaining the water balance in summer and also giving glowing nourished skin, have many more qualities: fighting diseases and aging. It is therefore better that you go for these natural vegetables that are easily available rather than going for skin creams and anti aging creams and products.


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