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Most Notable Commencement Speakers for May 2013 Graduates + Charli’s Special Announcement

Wait. Wow. I have literally been in school for 24 consecutive years. ← Crazy girl.

Yes! It’s that time again — and look at me, all “giddy, giddy” cause I’m a May 2013 graduate. Okay, no really, the time has now come for all the lack of “blog posting excuses” to end. Because I’M FREE y’all! Though I plan to publish a blog specifically about my experience as a graduate student at Howard University, I will go on and announce that on Saturday, I will be getting my MFA degree in Film & Media Studies with emphasis in Social Media/Entertainment Marketing and Distribution! And EARNED! Whew. Boy, am I relieved. Because:

  1. No more contacting professors! No need to email any professors about this assignment and that assignment. With this and that excuse. Over it.
  2. No more theory courses and research/term/analytical papers!
  3. No more standing my friends up because I have to study or work on a project.
  4. No more late night calling family members because I “lost” track of time from writing, revisions, & creating art. Oh, the foolery, Charli Girl.
  5. NO MORE CRITICISM! Haha, Wait, Whoa. That might be my favorite.
  6. No more dreaded… slow strolling to class because I’m tired, drained, and “over-worked”.
  7. No squeezing a seat in the back because I’d already decided that I didn’t feel like answering  questions on a particular day. Which goes back to #6.
  8. No more dodging professors because I was told they needed to “speak” with me.
  9. Okay. I’ve already said too much.
  10. Graduate school prospective students, ignore all that.

I’m appreciative. Not complaining. I learned from the best. I love all of my professors whom I consider as mentors and even future mentors. Yes, I’m grateful. But now is the time to entertain my discipline. And as posted as a recent Facebook status, I’ll say this:

So it is true. I must be in really good hands, cause God has got my back! And one thing I know for sure is who I am. There is no such thing as failure or living in fear. Everyone of us has a calling. Your calling isn’t something that somebody can tell you about. It’s what you feel. It’s a part of your life force. It is the thing that gives you juice. The thing that you are supposed to do. And nobody can tell you what that is. You know it inside yourself. It is the reason why I am here. I know this for sure. And that reason is greater than any degree. So have no fear. Have no fear. God has got your back. Take the blessing and run with it. Blessings flow in the space of gratitude. Honor your calling, do what you are supposed to do. Honor your creator and your family. Yes, absolutely I am blessed to be graduating from Howard University with my MFA degree on Saturday and I can promise this, my calling is in the works! Love y’all!

Okay now on to the Most Notable Commencement Speakers For May 2013 Graduates (not in any order):

  1. Gabrielle Giffords: Former U.S. Representative from Arizona will deliver the commencement speech for Bard College along with her husband, Mark Kelly (NASA astronaut)
  2. Drew Houston: (Co- Founder of Drop Box; MIT 2005 Graduate) Drew Houston is the commencement speaker for Massachusetts Institute of Technology on June 7.
  3. Michael Bloomberg: (NYC’s billionaire) Bloomberg will be speaking to Stanford University’s 2013 graduating class.
  4. Bill Clinton: Former USA President will deliver the commencement speech for Howard University’s 2013 graduating class Saturday, May 11, 2013.
  5. Kerry Washington: The sassafras and highly respectable actor portraying the role of Olivia Pope on America’s most watched TV series, “Scandal”, will deliver the speech for Georgetown University on Sunday, May 19.
  6. Vice President Biden: will deliver the commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.
  7. Cal Ripken Jr.: Hall of Famer and former Baltimore Oriole will be the commencement speaker for the University of Maryland.
  8. Mikhail Baryshnikov: Ballet legend will be delivering the commencement address for Northwestern University.
  9. President Barack Obama: The US of A 2nd term president will be speaking to U.S. Naval Academy, Ohio University, & Morehouse College.
  10. Oprah Winfrey: Will deliver the afternoon exercises for Harvard University on May 30.
  11. Dalai Lama: will be making an appearance at Tulane University in New Orleans for this year’s commencement.
  12. Stephen Colbert: is heading to the University of Virginia for laughs and comedy this year.
  13. Melinda Gates: Is returning to Duke this year after getting her bachelors in Computer Science and Economics
  14. Julie Andrews: The “Mary Poppins” actress will be traveling to the University of Colorado at Boulder on May 10.
  15. Cory Booker: Former Yale Law graduate, will be Yale University’s Class Day Speaker this year on May 19.
  16. Toni Morrison: Notable author of “Beloved” and “Song of Solomon”, will speak at Vanderbilt’s Senior Day on May 9.


  1. Congratulations on your achievements. It’s just fantastic that Former President Bill Clinton will be giving you commencement speech, so exciting. I’m a big fan.

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