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PSLoveCharli GUY is a little something we’ve added for our women readers! GUY spotlights THE aspiring or professional MALE model, clothing designer, + fashion guru and we’d totally love to have a piece of his portfolio or clothing pieces grace the pages of our beloved website. Lucky for us, we already had in mind who’d we want to be the FIRST face of PSLoveCharli GUY. And you better believe, this guy was ready! Yep, we had the absolute pleasure to connect with an extremely HUMBLE guy, Josh Marquez who talked his new modeling career, ambition, + gave us the deets on what he most importantly values in a woman. Sweet! Ahh, ya, ya! Enjoy!


Charli >> First off Josh, tell us how you were “discovered” and how your modeling career got started?

Josh >> I was actually in South Beach Miami with a friend and we were just walking the city, and this guy walks up to me and asks “do you model?” And I reply “no”.. Then he says, “you ever thought about it?” I reply “yes”, and he then tells my friend and I to follow him to his office. It was weird, random, but ended up being a major blessing!

Charli >> Were there any obstacles/challenges when trying to introduce your physique and yourself in general into the professional modeling industry? How did you beat them?

Josh >> As far as physique goes, I was initially told by my agent to lean out because I was very muscular. I got right to work and it paid off amazingly for me and things started happening very quickly ! I also had to learn to be more fluid movement wise, as I was once a very stiff muscle head haha. I began taking yoga, and incorporating different dance genres into my regimen and that helped a lot. With any obstacle, one must really just apply their mind and themselves to overcome it. This became a passion of mine as it can be an avenue to be a provider for my family and hopefully be a beacon of positivity to others all around the world. I find my motivation in that and use it everyday to keep myself working!


Charli >> How would you describe your own personal style? Where does it come from?

Josh >> My own personal style… Hmmmm.. I’m real simple. Slim fit jeans, a v neck, TOMS shoes, and some kind of wrist accessory. It’s easy, effective, and versatile. I must admit I was once an athlete, not too concerned about style, so it was just basketball shorts and flip flops lol, so I’ve come a very long way! This style I got came from a very important fashionista in my life who said I can make that style go a long way, so I put my trust in her and it’s been great. My style is ever evolving though so next week may be something different! Ha!


Charli >> Haha! Very nice. Talk about your agency. Who are they and based in what city?

Josh >> I’m signed with Front Management down in Miami. They aren’t one of the bigger agencies, but they get it done! My management team is the best in the world! It doesn’t matter about the name of the agency as much as who their clientele is and I’ve been blessed to land some huge jobs! Shouts out to Christian, Tasha, and Augie at Front!!!

Charli >> This is probably a silly question, but do you ever get shy in front of the camera? What helps you keep a straight face and give us the “sexy GQ model look”? (lol)

Josh >> OMG OF COURSE! My first job was with a HUGE company! I didn’t know what to do! Haha. Every pose I’ve practiced meant nothing in front of that lens! But the photographer was amazing! He put me through these weird breathing exercises and it really loosened me up. I felt like a whole other person! I continue to do these moves every shoot I have and they work like a charm!


Charli >> Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Josh >> In 5 years I hope to have had a very successful career, and have transitioned into the acting world. Also being a positive person for people everywhere to look up to, and be known as a person who always did right by every human being I’ll ever come across. Most dear to my heart would be me becoming a spokesperson for the Make A Wish Foundation!

Charli >> So awesome! What’s the best and worst thing about modeling?

Josh >> The best thing about modeling is probably the all around education you get. Different cameras, angles, lighting, poses, different personalities, etc. With all the traveling and jobs you do, you get to see and learn a lot about different countries as well as meet people from different countries and just learn how things are where they’re from. I embrace the learning I get with it and I just want to soak up as much knowledge as I can! Dislikes? I get paid to take pictures… What’s to dislike?? No, but seriously, this job is a true blessing. Maybe not being able to indulge in junk food would be a dislike, but how can I not like being healthy? I love what I do and am grateful everyday for it.

Charli >> For the ladies: what qualities do you, as a man, value in women?

Josh >> First and foremost, a relationship with GOD… Having a brain! I love awesome conversation! I have a diverse array of interests and I love learning about what others are interested in, and I love a good debate! In turn that quality makes me better as a man because it challenges me to further my own education about the world around me. My mother must also approve of you. She’s the boss forever. Also at a time where I’m at this point in my career, patience, support, communication, and just being there is essential. I’m a firm believer in being a provider as a man, so hold me down and I’ll keep us up!


Charli >> Where can our readers find you on social networks?

Josh >> My twitter is @_joshmarquez, Instagram is _joshuamarquez!

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