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Black Women Are Getting Back To Their Nappy Roots With Pride

I can remember the very day I began this “blissful journey”… back in ’08, during my junior year of college… I got back to my natural roots. I had a strong feeling that I would end up on the east coast for graduate school, and at the time, I became obsessed with how women wore their hair in those parts of America. It was something I really didn’t know a thing about in the South, but I knew I needed to figure it out.

Get obsessed ↓


Although I was stuck with only a limited number of hairstyles, my transition was beautiful. Even today, I’ve done everything on my own. I cut my relaxed ends on my own… continued to “dust” my ends during the 3-4 years I had loose hair, on my own. And now, with an 85% of loc’d hair, I’m still learning and maintaining my tresses on my own as I started my locs, yes, all by myself.  It can be done ladies. These last few years, I’ve grown to fall madly in love with my crown and it’s such an excitement to see where my hair will take me. And hey! Not to mention the thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve saved in the process, right? I’m glad to have encouraged many young women to follow the journey and in my eyes, they’ve done an amazing job in learning their roots and what works for them. 

Thanks to all my supporters that follow me on instagram (@pslovecharli). I read every single comment on my hair pictures and I LOVE how you love my hair! However, one question I get asked these days, why did you decide to transition into locs?  I’ve stressed this answer in many of my “Loc Baby” posts ← on that one for sure. Click the link to read about why I chose this for myself. It’s really nothing to it though. In short, for a girl who never (even with relaxed hair) liked styling hair, I was over it after having grown my hair to mid-back length. But I’m still rocking my “natural” regardless of what state it’s in. And truth be told, I love this on me than I did loose hair. Total bliss.

My very first loc video…

My sister too, began her transition process in 2011, and hasn’t turned back since! While growing up, our mother, who had some length as well, cut her hair really short because our hair was so long and thick.

Me back when…


That was just a tough task. Our father even had to jump on the job sometimes! And of course, that was before we got those horrid relaxers. Since becoming natural, we both achieved amazing hair growth in the same amount of time. She started from a REAL big chop. Very short, and a little more on the wavy side in the beginning. But now it’s 3B curly. 2 years later, oh look!


Ladies, keep growing your crown beautifully and naturally! And I’m not just talking “hair”. Grow your crown! Self-improve, release your inner beauty, be free, live life, evolve into a QUEEN. And if you’re thinking about transitioning, just do it :) it’s only hair. Remember, less product, less styling, gives you healthy hair! Let it be free ’cause GOOD hair, IS healthy hair. Believe in your flyness, girl.

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