Art, Film, & TV | Calling All Freaky Book Clubs, “The Sleeping Beauty” Trilogy


I first ran across the Sleeping Beauty Trilogy maybe five or six years ago when I was looking for a steamy romance novel to read because I hadn’t read one in years. While browsing an online bookstore, I came across The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A. N. Roquelaure. It was listed under erotica and I thought it was great that there was a grown-up version of Sleeping Beauty and ordered it without hesitation. Either I really didn’t understand the meaning of erotica or the book’s description was very subdued and misleading because what I found myself reading was very S&M to my surprise.


Nevertheless, I read the entire first book, probably with my eyes wide open and my mouth agape. How can anyone think up this stuff? It was disgusting and I suspect highly offensive to some. I was shocked, but also fascinated. So much that when I found that The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty was part of a trilogy, I ordered the other two books posthaste. Hey, I needed to know what happened next and how it ended. Call it curious reading. The second book in the series is Beauty’s Punishment and the last is Beauty’s Release. A four word synopsis of the trilogy would be: slavery, sex, bondage and torture.

Considering the fact that A. N. Roquelaure is none other than Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire and The Feast of All Saints, I wasn’t surprised that the books were able to hold my attention; Anne really knows how to tell a story. (Hmmm, I wonder why she used a pseudonym for the freaky stuff.)


After reading the entire trilogy, curiosity satisfied, I was still disgusted but it made me wonder just how sheltered a life I’m living to never have heard of anything remotely close to this… dare I say filth? Heck, even the author was turned off and decided not to extend the Sleeping Beauty story after meeting actual people from the BDSM community. I can’t say that I recommend this trilogy unless you are looking to be shocked and thrown for a loop and I highly doubt it is something the average book club would feel comfortable discussing. With that being said, if you are looking to do some curious reading of your own, The Sleeping Beauty trilogy might be just what you need.



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  1. I’ve read this. I never think it was a romance novel at all. More on erotica and bdsm. Although it does have its ‘sick’ moments, it actually made me know a lot of things. IMPOSSIBLE . What made me finish the whole trilogy was also curiosity and intrigue. An unexpected works from Anne Rice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! kisses from roro

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