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No Need To Ask, This Is Why I’m Single.

Can I vent?

Stemming from a read found on Madam Noir yesterday, I also felt the need to share my two cents… or five.  Although I’m a very private person, I may speak some sense or provide some understanding for those who just “need” to know. Why am I single? You’re a young, successful, ambitious woman, so why are you single? Quite honestly, I owe no one a response. I’ve lived the life of dating, and dating, and dating. My last relationship was a good one, but after some time, it finally arrived to a healthy understanding that it just wasn’t meant to be. It ended a long time ago, but we still share some type of unknown connection that no one can take from us — yes, even after we’ve both moved on with our extremely different respective lives. But that’s not the purpose for this article or “venting” shall I say?


Ever since ’02, I’ve been in a “relationship” — all up until about 1.5 years ago. And that’s about 9 years straight, with about 5 different men. For 1.5 years, I’ve been single, and happy. After moving and finding life on the east coast, AND after receiving my Master’s degree from one of America’s most prestigious universities, life is love, life is bliss. And being blessed to live this type of lifestyle, is something major for the woman, born and raised from a small city in Mississippi. I take nothing for granted. I’m enjoying life. I’m making the best out of it. And I am in NO rush to get involved with someone else. For 9 years, someone has been completely wrong for me. Why rush into something that’s potentially wrong again? However, each and every relationship I’ve been in, has proved to be some growth for me. Discovering myself, creating myself, ALLOWING my real purpose come to life. I’m where I am emotionally because of those relationships, and I’m thankful. I get asked, Are you over your past? YES! Of course! Because fortunately, I knew that we weren’t meant to be. I encourage love. I encourage true love. My past knows that I support them.

I’ve evolved into a QUEEN. So why am I single?

I’m single because I’m only beginning to overcome my struggle with trust. Needless to say, I, in the last couple of weeks, erased myself from a potentially great relationship, and from a great man, because I’m not “ready” to trust again. Right out of my last relationship, I’ve had the pleasure of being asked on dates by professional athletes, lawyers, and medical doctors. But it was just far too soon, as I needed to begin LOVING MYSELF.  I’ve found love through the bible, through prayer, and through my everyday lifestyle of writing, reading, and discovering.

I’m single because as ambitious as I am, I’ve made year 2014 plans for myself and myself only, to travel the world for a year, or two. YES, travel the world. Another major milestone I’ve set as a future goal achievement. From all across Europe to New Zealand, to Australia, I will. And after completion, I’ll still be in my 20’s. So, why am I single?


I’m single because I’m an entrepreneur, focused on my dreams and my goals. I own my own company. I’m a writer, a business woman. I’m an artist. I have a lot of things to think about when it comes to my future. I’m dedicated. I have the mindset of someone that won’t let distraction defeat her. I won’t let distraction let me miss out on any opportunities. Maybe that was the problem in the past? I don’t know. Should I regret why I’m single?

I’m single because I’m spiritual. I have a clear understanding that God has already secured my love guy, my fella, my husband & father to our beautiful children, my King, FOR ME. He is safe right now, and waiting for us. The man that God has planted for me, IS FOR ME. And no one else. Sometimes, when I’m on Instagram, or on Facebook, or on Twitter, I read all these depressing statuses and I wonder, do they not know? Do they not know that God has a plan for them? From work to love, God has a plan. And they will one day live life blissfully, through patience, prayer, and understanding.

I’m in no rush. I’m not bitter. I praise the love + relationships that I witness in public. I LOVE IT! I’m just only beginning. God, Family, Career, Travel, Relationship… in that order. I’m taking charge of my life! I’m happy! I’m living it! So don’t ask me why I’m single. And this is not to say that I will completely shut-out every man that comes my way. But I will say this — I will be ready. ONE DAY I will run into the amazing man God has planted ONLY for me, and for me ONLY. I will pursue YOU. But until then…

Can I live?


  1. Great article. So true about god having a plan. Love, laughter, happiness and faith are all things that will come to you if you send out a positive vibes. Enjoy travelling. I have been in relationships for 13 years and each ending brought a new adventure overseas and a new perspective. Enjoy the journey.

    1. Thank you so very much! God has a divine life for me, and I’m just here to wait patiently, while I enjoy all that life has to offer! I’m so glad to find out that you too traveled and were thankful for your experiences. Many blessings Rosie!

  2. Very wise what you share here.
    My experience with life & relationships is a very dufficult one .
    Although I’m considered a happy mother & wife , I’m only the mother , the rest is in the papers, that doesn’tmake my life.
    Starting my blog about more than a month ago ,was a liberation & the first step to another ME, after along long time.
    I thought a lot before started , I’m 53 years old after all & none of the people in my surroundings share my enthusiasm about this step forward, but I’m determined to go further.
    Believe in you, everyone is unique & worthy , life is a journey of Odysseus.!

  3. First, thank you so very much for stopping by to read one of my most private stories. Receiving feedback from supporters who’ve gone through similar experiences, is unexplainable! I’m glad to know that you have a good insight in distinguishing living and being unhappy. I encourage you to keep pushing further like you already have. Life IS a journey, and I’m here for the ride of my life! Take care Evelen, and I will be stopping by your new blog!:)

  4. Love this article!
    I think too many of my girlfriends define themselves through their partner, in their early twenties, I mean come on?!

    x Claude

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