6 Tips On How To Break Into Your Dream Job

A week or so ago, we gave you a post, How To Network In Fashion — piggy-backin’ from one of our favorite fashion sites, Fashionista. This week, we’re giving you tips on how to get that break in whatever your dream job consists of. As someone who currently dabbles in fashion, public relations, and as a freelance writer, celebrity interviewer + editor, most of these little pieces of advice worked out fine for me, just as I remember. Although at the time, it never occurred to me that these were the steps I was SUPPOSED to take that would eventually lead to something great. It just felt “right”.

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I’m already assuming that you know a little about the career you’re interested in. Learning about what comes with the job — would definitely be step 1.

Launch your social media networks and be ACTIVE | One of the best pieces of advice is being sociable. Create accounts to all major networking sites and follow your role models! Go even further and research their background on how they got started. For me, I’ve been following Arianna Huffington‘s background for some time now, and still haven’t discovered all the deets! Manage your accounts as a professional! Talk about stuff that interests you and your work-related career. Let “them” know that you’re interested, but don’t become an annoyance. I’m still starting off, but trust me when I say that I give opportunities to any and everyone that shoots me an email saying that they’d like to guest post or contribute. Don’t go days or weeks without updating your account. Social media never stops!

Write Thank You Notes! | Anytime you are given an opportunity to interview with a company or even apply, a ‘thank you’ note is always deserving! But don’t make it look too easy. Mail them — don’t send emails!

More is lovely, but less is better | For the freelancers and writers, if you’re always on the go like I am, you can’t possibly strut your most fashionable lifestyle as much. My “mobile office” consists of a cross body tote that holds my iPhone, wallet, digital recorder, and macbook. We just never know where we might end up during the day. Coffee shops or on a random stoop, I’m always writing. Figure out your “go-to” look, something you can be comfortable in while you work!! Your dream job might not be as glamourous as you might like, but it won’t make your day miserable, either. (Unless you’re “Carrie Bradshaw good”.)


Intern, intern, intern | Be willing to start at the bottom. And we do mean, bottom. Internships have their perks, but they also come with plenty of frustrations. Trust me, I know. But eventually all of that “work” will pay off. Intern as much as you can while in school. Some companies even accept high school hustlers. The best way to grab your opportunity is to stay on top of dates and deadlines. If you know you want to intern for that IT company, make sure you connect with the Internship Coordinator ahead of time (it let’s them know you’re interested and are well aware). Follow up and don’t miss the deadlines!

Connect with moguls/professionals whom you admire | As soon as I’d become interested in blogging on the professional level, I made specific contacts that immediately gave me the opportunities required for me to branch out on my own. I began writing for a few different blogs on all sorts of topics. Discovered my niche and went with it! Now we are HEA, but to this day, I still have my share of connects!

Stay hungry & hustle | Never stop. People that truly work hard, show their dedication[s], and keep the faith, will make it! And over the course of all of that, you’ll figure out what works for you, what doesn’t, specifics that you want to achieve, and you’ll grow as a person and as a professional. I’ve gone from wanting to work at a large media company, to being an entrepreneur and grow my website. It will take some long decision making, trial/errors, wins/losses, and sacrifices, but totally all worth it in the end! At least, it’s starting to seem that way :)

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Happy working! xo

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