Interview | Hollywood Actress Fernanda Romero Talks Career, Her Style, and Latest Films

Born in Mexico City, Fernanda began her singing career as part of the sensational teen-pop group Fryzzby, signed under BMG. Although she originally distanced herself from the industry to pursue a career in Fashion Design, she ultimately returned to her roots as an entertainer. Recently, Fernanda filmed PENDEJO with Danny Trejo, MISSION PARK, with Vivica A. Fox, NUMBER RUNNER, her first British production, with star Jon-Paul Gates, FIGHTER’S CHANCE with the former boxer Evander Holyfield and the pilot for NBC, COUNTY with Aimee Garcia and Jason Ritter. Soon she will be on set filming next to the Oscar winner, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Serratos, participating in the film BROKEN DOLL, directed by Trudy Sargent. Such a beautiful spirit Fernanda had when I got the amazing opportunity to speak with her about latest project, Mission Park.


Charli >> Hi Fernanda! How are you?

Fernanda >> Hello Charli! I’m great thanks for asking!

Charli >> No problem. I’m so excited to be talking with you about all the “stuff” you’re doing. I’ll jump right in with the first question, how did you get involved in the entertainment industry, meaning music and acting?

Fernanda >> Yes! We go way back. I started in Mexico City with a band. And that’s kind of how everything started. The acting kind of came along later. It wasn’t really planned [laughter] just things that kind of happened. So I let them happen [laughter].   I enjoyed the camera and acting, so I said I’d just give it a shot!

Charli >> Awesome and I think I read that you are a singer as well. Do you kind of balance that alongside acting?

Fernanda >> Well yeah, right now I’m just beginning. It’s kind of hard to balance but when I’m not doing one, I’m doing the other. So it really balances itself. So that’s kind of good.

Charli >> Okay so talk about your new film, Mission Park and the character that you portray, Gina. What made you audition for that role?

Fernanda >> Mainly because of the people that were involved. People that I’ve worked with in the past. The director wanted to do something with Latinos. I sat with him when he did the pitch and I really liked how it was based on a true story, his story. So I got all excited [laughter]. Just all around good energy!

Charli >> Right! So in regards to that, you briefly mentioned the movie. What’s the storyline about? Like a brief synopsis. Also, what can fans expect from the cast and the story itself?

Fernanda >> Well it’s a story about a group of friends that grow together in Texas, and as they grow, they grow apart. They go off and do different things. Some go on the good road like join the FBI and some just get lost, getting involved in illegal drugs and cartels. So what happens is that really good friends get separated which is the conflict. I shouldn’t tell very much [laughter] but yeah so all that drama happens between a group of friends. Then I’m in the middle. I’m in the love triangle between my love when I was young, and then when she grows up, she has a different ark as a character. She’s more selfish and begins to hang out with the bad guys. [laughter]

Charli >> [laughter] Cool, sounds very interesting! I can hear the enthusiasm in your voice! You sound so excited about the film and just your accomplishments in general.

Fernanda >> [laughter] Yes! I am very excited! Because I’m such an adventured girl and I don’t know — I love extreme projects. [laughter]


Charli >> Action packed [laughter]. 

Fernanda >> Yep.

Charli >> So I guess this all kind of ties into your career. How was your transition from Mexico City to Hollywood?

Fernanda >> Ummm it’s different! [laughter]. Actually I started acting here. When I go back to my country, for me it’s like the regular. [laughter] They know me as Fernanda the singer, but I’ve also done projects there as well. But it’s different. I try to keep the balance and not think that I’m all about Hollywood. I love to have that connection with my country because it’s just really fun.

Charli >> Understandable! You’re just on this natural high, love it. [laughter]

Fernanda >> Awww thank you!

Charli >> The last question that I’ve started asking the women I interview, describe your choice of style. So many bloggers and the media like to talk about celebrity style: who, what, wear. So what’s your personal style? I follow you on Instagram and you take the most beautiful pictures, but always seem so relaxed in whatever you’re wearing.

Fernanda >> Awwww! thank you!! [laughter] Oh gosh! Well what’s comfortable for me would definitely be leggings and jeggings. [laughter]. They are the most comfortable things ever. I love them. I’m not much of a heel girl. My favorite shoes would probably be Charles Phillip Sandals because they’re amazing and super sheek. I love them because they look amazing and you’re wearing this perfect sandal, so I love them. But umm I don’t really get ready for hours [laughter]. I really don’t! It might look like it but I really don’t. And I love to mix two styles. I like to mix upscale with street style. I like the combination and just having fun.


Charli >> Trust me when I say I understand! I love a flat.

Fernanda >> I love flats!! There was a time when I was going out of my house without a pair of heels (and don’t get me wrong, I wear heels) but I mean if I can wear flats, then I’m golden.

Charli >> And you seem like you’re a lover of vintage too!

Fernanda >> Ahhh I love vintage… [laughter] I am a vintage…. YES! [laughter] I will go to every flea market in every place I’ve been and absolutely love it. I always find great pieces. It started when I was young, I would go to my grandma’s closet and  my aunt’s closet and take stuff [laughter]. It’s so funny because I started so young. But what’s my obsession are vintage sunglasses. I need to go to rehab for that [laughter]. It’s crazy! I’ll go places and see them and I’m like “Oh my gosh! That frame! I need them!” Yeah it’s crazy.

photo 2

Charli >> [laughter] And see this is why I had to ask! We all have some sort of healthy obsession with fashion pieces, but thanks so much for sharing your personal style to us! How can fans connect with you on social networks?

Fernanda >> Ahh yes! Well I’m on Twitter @FernandaRomeroo and Instagram of course it’s the same @FernandaRomeroo.

Charli >> Such a pleasure speaking with you today Fernanda. By far one of the best engaging interviews I’ve had in a long time! I wish you well!

Fernanda >> I enjoyed it!! Thanks so much Charli!

Mission Park hits theaters September 6.