Thanks To Global Warming, Here Are the 14 U.S. Cities That Could Disappear Over Next Century


Man I don’t really believe this, but this what they say: Due to climate changes, sea levels will rise & rise, and it could devastate 14 of our nation’s BEST cities. MIAMI; FORT LAUDERDALE; BOSTON; NEW YORK CITY; ATLANTIC CITY; HONOLULU; NEW ORLEANS; SACRAMENTO; SAN DIEGO; LOS ANGELES; CHARLESTON; VIRGINIA BEACH; and SAVANNAH.

What would America be without these most toured cities? Crazy, eh?


Jeff Goodell creates a pretty terrifying hypothetical of what a dystopic future could look like in Miami:

With sea levels more than a foot higher than they’d been at the dawn of the century, South Florida was wet, vulnerable and bankrupt. Attempts had been made to armor the coastline, to build sea walls and elevate buildings, but it was a futile undertaking. The coastline from Miami Beach up to Jupiter had been a little more than a series of rugged limestone crags since the mid-2020s, when the state, unable to lay out $100 million every few years to pump in fresh sand, had given up trying to save South Florida’s world-famous­ beaches.



Scientists also warn that long-term sea level rise that would doom Fort Lauderdale’s beachfront could be “locked in” by 2060 if we don’t curtail greenhouse gas emissions. Climate Central researcher Benjamin Strauss adds that “even if we could just stop global emissions tomorrow on a dime, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Gardens, Hoboken, New Jersey will be under sea level.”



Probably one of the least surprising entry on this list, Hurricane Sandy gave New Yorkers just a taste of what might happen to their city over the next hundred years. According to new data released in June, sea level could rise by 4-8 inches in New York over just the next TEN years.



According to The Lens, a Louisiana non-profit news site, Louisiana might be facing the highest sea level rise worldwide. This does not bode well for the low-lying Big Easy, which could be immersed with 4.3 feet of water by the end of the century. Mardi Gras, the French Quarter and NOLA’s jazz scene may all be a thing of the past.


Click to read about what the other 10 cities might face.




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