Crime | Inmate Upset He Might Have Contracted HIV From His Rape Victim


It’s been proven, most definitely, that there ain’t no time stamp for when karma decides to plant her retaliation. Well, at least not for Richard Thomas; → the guy that let himself into a home uninvited in the middle of the night to rape a woman as she slept. Turns out, he might have contracted HIV from his victim. 


“He was arrested and interviewed and said he had been drinking heavily, taken cocaine and ecstasy and could not recall the incident,” prosecutor Harry Pepper said in court, according to the Telegraph.

Thomas, 27,  who pleaded guilty to his crime on July 20, will find out later this week if he has the disease.

[Source: Huff Post]




  1. Whoa…that’s crazy intense. Talk about instant punishment for a crime.

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