Introspection: Reaping What You Sow

Tis the season for harvest! I’m not sure how agriculturally inclined you are, but we are in the midst of reaping. I’m a southerner, so it’s quite apparent to me. A typical depiction is that of farmers gathering crops and storing up the goodies they’ve worked so hard all year to cultivate. You know, “reaping the benefits” of their hard work. But in this context, I’m figuratively speaking. I’m the relationship gal, so you know what this is about.


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Think of you and your partner… as of right now, what have you all gained from one another? What are your reapings? And what needs to “fall” away? Not questions you ask yourself every day, but it is very much needed (and it’s seasonally appropriate), so why not?

Every relationship is about give and take. Simply put, if you put nothing in, you get nothing out; and if you water a plant to death, it will drown and die. The key is finding balance. Your efforts are measurable and you have to figure out what the right amount is for your relationship. Think of it as if you and your partner being on a perpetual see-saw, and in order to keep the relationship afloat, you all have to maintain a certain balance. If you don’t carry your weight, I fall on my ass and vice versa. Engage in some non-judgemental conversation with an open ears… and an open heart and the honesty you uncover will help to restore balance.

This time of the year leaves go through about as much as our relationships go through. The greenery is fading… changing colors …dropping away from the timbers and being raked away into the brush. I know it all sounds very dismal, but this figurative change is in reference to the relationship “foliage” that we’ve acquired throughout the year that needs to be swept away. Again, communication is key. Rake up that relationship “foliage”, put it in a pile and bag it up to be thrown out!

As you’ve heard time and again, “you reap what you sow”, so ask what have you sown? Will you reap something positive or something negative? And have you cleared out the brush to make room for your reapings? The chill of autumn isn’t so bad when you’ve got someone to enjoy the
harvest with.

Arianne Burrell, relationship & beauty contributor for PSLoveCharli, can be reached directly at She is also active on her instagram page, @prettychic23.


  1. A lovely post that encourages us to explore balance.

    You paint a wonderful picture.

    Rather than a tit for tat picture of a tug of war, your offer a picture of hand in glove or a lock and key. Yes even two rivers flowing into one.

    We love how you invest into us, your readers.

    Thank you for reminding us that it all starts with us and that we have the power to change things up by starting with ourselves first. Thank you for this harvest of love.That’s ground zero. Our relationship with ourselves. first.

    1. Your comment really warmed my heart. It feels good to know that my readers really benefit from my articles! I appreciate all of you guys soooooo much!! :)

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