Deadly Flesh Eating Russian Drug Hits Arizona & Now A Chicago Suburb

today'sheadline_logoMan the world is getting crazier by the day. Like all these drugs… natural disasters… bombings, and sadly, mass shootings. I don’t even know what to say. But this “new” drug, well not so new drug as it originated in Russia some time ago, has now hit the USA after cases were reported in Arizona last month. But on yesterday, reports scattered a suburb of Chicago.


According to Independent.Co.Uk, the drug, called Krokodil, which is similar to morphine, is an ultra-cheap heroin substitute that counts crushed codeine pills, gasoline, cooking oil, iodine, paint thinner and lighter fluid among its toxic ingredients. Users of krokodil or “crocodile” can suffer horrific effects including rotting sores, gangrene and abscesses. It acquired its name because of the reptilian scaly effect it causes on human skin. The average krokodil user has a life expectancy of just two to three years after they start taking the drug, and in that time they can expect their skin to turn green, scaly and fall-off as a kind of pre-death decomposition sets in.

Really. I’m like… Who would want all that to happen?

Dr. Abhin Singla, director of addiction services in Joliet, Illinois told the Chicago Sun Times:

“If you want to kill yourself, (using) this is the way to do it. It’s about three times more potent than heroin, but the ‘high’ lasts only for a few hours.”

Fortunately, The Independent.Co.Uk went further with their research and findings. Read the article: Krokodil: The Drug That Eats Junkies.

(PS, I don’t know why I did this, but I googled the pictures and… nah. Still trying to get the image out of my head :/ You don’t want that. #Warning)



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