Lifestyle | Keep It Moving — Stop Letting Emotions Control You + Get On With Your Life

Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance. -Unknown

What’s that they say? Get yo’ life! Yeahhh. Although in this sense, I mean get a hold of your life. If anything is weighing you down — stop that and get it together. First off, every single one of us is guilty for allowing some irrelevant season attack a small cycle of our life. Let me say again, yes, we are all guilty of that. But what happens when you begin trying to “figure it out”? You begin beating yourself up all over and over again, but why? Expectations — get rid of them. Release it and live your own life. Especially, specially a life that’s full of dreams, goals, and ultimately, personal success.


I have goals, of course, you know I have dreams, who doesn’t? And I still say this, I’m right where I’m supposed to be at in life. Sometimes we go through seasons to teach us certain things — maybe about that situation specifically, but more so about ourselves. Never let your situation get the best of you! I did that recently, I’ll admit. But I also learned something about myself which taught me so much in a matter of 24 hours. Because of that, I’m grateful. I’m a person who doesn’t really call herself a perfectionist, but I do value my talents, intelligence, me as a woman and what I can offer. And because I’m an introvert, I often find myself searching for answers (figuring it out). That’s just me. Whether it was school, where by the way, I was known to be a “cool nerd”, or random thoughts in my head. I always NEEDED to know WHY. So, I was trying to figure it out over and over again. Figure it out! Which ultimately led to the situation making absolutely NO SENSE. None, whatsoever. I’d wasted my time. I’d wasted a small piece of my life trying to “figure it out”. Let me tell you — don’t do that. That’s 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months… of YOUR life. Not anyone else’s. Now it wasn’t to the point where I wasn’t getting things done, oh I was grinding. But I value my time! And To waste your time on something that in the end, makes absolutely no sense — well, I guess I learned that quick lesson. But take my lesson to re-arrange your situation now. Stop it, and keep it moving.

But what if it’s worth the “figuring out”? Nope. I used to think that too… that it was worth it. But no — and maybe this is a cliche’ thing to say, but if it’s meant to beit will be. Maybe not now, maybe not ever; which mine will never be — again, and that’s ultimately my blessing in disguise. But if you don’t know, then be patient with your situation. Pray, trust God and don’t let the thoughts of your situation drain you. Just live your life. KEEP IT MOVING. That’s probably the best advice I can give to a person struggling with a situation that they’re allowing to take over their life. Keep it moving.


You absolutely may not let certain situations validate your emotions. You may not hold on to expectations. Remember that you own your feelings, expressions, and abilities — and other people own theirs. You are entitled to feel your feelings as well as express them, but don’t use that excuse to spend extra energy holding on to an experience. That’s only fueling the expectation you were never meant to have. That situation was just temporary! And if you find yourself trying to figure it out, it will inhabit you from living and enjoying the present. Move beyond that expectation you once had and take responsibility of your life because LIFE won’t wait for you. TIME won’t wait for you! You can’t get that back.

And look, if your “situation” is ultimately wrong all together, or simply a loss on the other side… well, in the end – you win.




  1. Love it! starting my day with strong inspiration :)

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