DIY | Cute Twine Bow + Knot Rings

Politely stolen from Oh The Lovely Things, we discovered how-to make little 5-minute twine rings. Just something on the go, quick and easy, yet adorable — not made to last forever. Again, not made to last forever. These instructions are fairly simple. And for our regular crafters, you’ll probably find the needed items sitting around your home. PSLoveCharli DIY Picks…

Twine Bow + Knot Rings



  • Fabric stiffener
  • Paintbrush
  • Short strand of twine (approx. 6″)
  • Gold (or any other color) spray paint, or liquid gold leaf
  • Cylindrical or tubular object (such as a marker/highlighter) with a circumference similar to the circumference of your pointer finger
  • Optional: clear nail polish and/or acrylic varnish


  1. Find a cylindrical (or tubular) object with a circumference similar to the circumference of your finger. I think a dry erase board pen could work great. A good way to find the right object is to use one of your rings and try it on various cylindrical or tubular objects until you find one that fits.
  2. Cut a strand of twine. I like to use a longer piece (about 6″) as you can always make it shorter, but you can’t make it longer.
  3. Tie a bow around the cylindrical object, as you would with a gift. Cut the ends off.
  4. Use a paintbrush to apply fabric stiffener all over the twine. Let dry, then remove from the cylindrical object. Drying time is quite long- mine took about 10 hours.
  5. Spray paint it in gold (or any color you fancy), or dip it into liquid gold leaf. Let dry.
  6. Optional: once it’s dry, add a layer of clear nail polish or acrylic varnish.


(P.S. Thanks Oh The Lovely Things!)



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