Lifestyle | Three Simple Steps To Creating The Best Year Of Your Life

I purposely waited to write this because I was so excited about the holidays and the time after the holidays: Christmas Eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas, New Years eve, New Years Day — these are all holidays. Today is the day we start to really face the days ahead. After much, eating, gifting, receiving gifts, soul searching, visioning, journaling, goal setting and planning, I am ready to start Creating the Best Year of my Life! Would you join me?

I want to share with you the three simple steps I am implementing today and everyday of the year to make it an AMAZING YEAR.

#1 Clarity of Purpose


This is a fancy way of saying, What do I want? & Why do I want it? Ask yourself exactly what you would like to achieve this year in all areas of your life. Take the time to write down your response. Also ask yourself: why do you want what you want. Knowing why you want something can help you attain it very quickly and sometimes can help you see that you might already have what you crave for.

#2 Declare Your top 3 Priorities


Once you are clear on what you want and why, make a list of the top three goals and place the list where you can see it all the time. When you think of these three goals, think BIG. If you could only achieve three things this year what would day be? I recommend that you physically write them down on a piece of paper, take a picture of them and place it as your screensaver on your phone and your computer. If you have social media and your feel comfortable posting them, as a declaration to the Universe, will help you to stay focused on your top three priorities. Visually seeing your goals will also help you allocate your time.

Step 3. Take the Right Action at the Right Time


Time flies, literally, a year goes by very fast. It is very important once you are clear on your top three goals for the year. Get yourself over to a calendar that you will have access to everyday, all day if possible. I recommend using a physical calendar or google calendar that is connected to your phone. Take 30 minutes to schedule in when you will take action towards your 3 priorities. I recommend that you schedule 3 actions per day on every priority.

Here is an example: My first priority for the year is…

To stay consciously connected to spirit, in order to lead my life and spirit from a divine perspective with love.
Weekly actions:

  • 10 minute daily meditation
  • Take time to journal for 15 minutes my daily intention
  • Pray before I go to sleep

Being clear on why we want what we want, declaring our top three priorities and using out time wisely are just a few steps we can take to make this year, The Best Year.

I want to help you on that journey and for the month of January I am offering: ClaraFying Your Success Session:

  • Where you will define and declare your top Three priorities with me
  • Identify what might stop you from achieving your most important goals
  • Schedule your first three actions on your calendar.

This link takes you directly to Scheduling your ClaraFying Your Success Session



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