Client News | Southern Indie Artist, Chuck Tee Drops BIGGEST Project, “Where’s My Lighter?”


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Jackson, Mississippi) Press Inquiry — Charli (Publicist)

Chuck Tee, 22-year old lyrical artist — Mississippi est. 1991 just dropped his first MAJOR project, “Where’s My Lighter” (April 23, 2014) — on its way to a skate shop near you.


Chuck Tee is the bridge connecting different styles of hip-hop and 1970’s word play. From the style in charisma of the West Coast, the lyrical consistency from the East Coast and from his stomping grounds in the South, he brings fun, excitement and ability to ride the beat.

Quoted by Rashad Street,

“Where’s My Lighter?” (Hosted By ATL’s DJ Genius) reveals the self-proclaimed “Black Zeus” as an insomniac who’s often driven by exploits of sex, drugs & having a high disregard for law enforcement. Songs like “30”, “GTA V” & “Nothing On Me” are just a few highlights on this project which would’ve made an excellent 2 Part series. Chuck Tee draws close comparisons to Curren$y or Wiz Khalifa as he delivers over stellar production. Overall, this is the perfect set for the Stoned & Skaters alike. So get plugged in and help Chuck find his lighter!

Chuck Tee’s “Where’s My Lighter?” is NOW available on — GET IT LIVE!

TWITTER | @Chuck__Tee

INSTAGRAM | @Chuck_Tee

LIVEMIXTAPES | Where’s My Lighter?


**We are presenting Chuck Tee to the media industry for interviews and features. To request an interview or feature with this well-rounded and incredibly talented lyrical artist who is ready to leave his mark on the industry, please contact me (Charli) directly: Thank you!



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