Beauty + Style | Feel Sexy Ladies, It’s A State Of Mind + Lingerie Gift Set Giveaway

As Fashion Editor amongst other things, it is indeed difficult to stay abreast and address the different concerns of everyday women. So as I sit at Cups for two hours with a blank computer screen suffering from severe ‘stylist block’ I contemplate on what I should cover in my next article. I could follow suit and send you on a scavenger hunt for the best swimsuit for your bodies. I could direct you on where to purchase the cutest floral dress, the perfect pair of nude and/or black pumps, or even where to snatch your next everyday handbag. Although these things are “need to know” topics, Finicky is convinced she should dig a little deeper! Is that ok ladies?

In order to become the best at what you do, you have to become aware and conscious of what you have to offer, who’s in the market for what you have to offer, and if what you’re offering is top of the line or just another generic product/service that consumers settle for? How do you conclude these answers you ask? You become your own client.


Immediately I began to thank Finicky for keeping me informed on the latest trends, sharing the how to’s, where to purchase, and the seasons must haves. I make sure I compliment Finicky on being so cute and petite. Tell her how she can wear anything and it looks absolutely stunning, but assure her that I couldn’t pull most of the outfits she posts off until I drop 10 pounds or more. That’s when Finicky stares into my eyes and speaks directly to my inner insecurities. She tells “shy Shelly” that no matter the size, age, race, condition or situation, being sexy is a state of mind. Of course we could spend countless hours talking about how to look and feel sexy. How to encourage yourself daily. Even create post-it notes on your mirror that read “I am BEAUTIFUL”. All of those are superb ideas, but I have an even better one. Forget about being “beautiful” for one week ladies. Let’s focus on being DESIRABLE! Most of us (raising my hand) are well put together, jaw dropping gorgeous, and steal the show once we step into a room. But let’s keep it real, once we return home for the evening whether it’s alone or with our significant other, kicking off those disrespectful stilettos, unzipping that voluptuous dress only to reveal the “Hanes Her Way” you picked up earlier while at Target is a sin and we are all going down for it. I mean, who taught us that THAT is ok? Feeling sexy, confident, and desirable means to step out of what’s comfortable and into what makes your heartbeat sound like a galloping horse prancing down the sidewalk.


“Finicky, what is one way I can begin to feel desirable? To feel alive? To feel great even during the most ordinary days?” So glad you asked! So this past week 80% of the young ladies I asked whether or not they wear sexy underwear with matching bra daily, or a silk robe after shower, maybe even a flirty little playsuit or chemise while cooking, they all looked at me with humiliation in their eyes, a timid smirk on their face, and simply replied no. Like most, they all agreed that they wear the risqué items on special occasions. (birthday’s, valentines, etc.)


So what I’d like for you all to do including myself, for one week *May 20-25* I challenge each of you to do one of the following:

  • Wear matching panty and bra set (lace, cotton, spandex, your choice)
  • Wear a sexy robe before or after shower or before/after getting dressed/undressed
  • Wear a flirty playsuit while cooking and/or lounging for the evening
  • Wear a bombshell teddy/chemise around the house like it’s your favorite oversized T-shirt
  • Wear a sexy bodysuit under your dress and/or pantsuit


Anything that signifies “Sex Symbol” do it! WAIT! THAT’S NOT IT LADIES. Enter a chance to win a Finicky lingerie gift set by emailing me at, @ me on instagram @vantashi with hashtag #SexyIsAStateOfMind or tag me on Facebook at Vantashi Wilks with your most “desirable moment” picture of the week! Oh and no worries, I will be posting my pictures daily as well so stay tuned. The winner will be announced Memorial Day, May 26th! So go on girl, show me your SEXY!



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