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Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About the Cultural Importance of ABC’s “Black-ish”

“When I was introduced to the title, I was introduced to the script. This family is dealing with their ‘ish’ and this family is a black family.”

– Tracee Ellis

Big hair & big smiles fill Larry King’s studios as guest host Janet Mock finds a BFF in Tracee Ellis Ross on the latest episode of the Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now”. The actress opens up about the cultural importance of her new “Black-ish” gig, neofeminism, and the perks of being Diana’s daughter.


Tracee talked about the void in television that ABC’s “Blackish” is filling, “In my opinion, sometimes TV takes a minute to catch up with our culture.” She explained why the freshman comedy works well with longtime hit “Modern Family.” Janet and the “Blackish” star discussed the evolution of what it means to be black, and the extent to which modern-day Americans of all walks adopt pieces of other people’s cultures. They also chatted about why it’s time to openly discuss race, even if it proves uncomfortable.

The award winning actress gave insight on the profound effect her mother Diana Ross, has had on her life, “What the world knows of my mother honestly doesn’t hold a candle to who she is as a mom.” The two also talked about what feminism means to them, why the term can feel daunting, and Beyonce’s recent adoption of the label.


In a web exclusive, Tracee played a rousing game of ‘If You Only Knew’ where we found out whose shoes she’d like to fill for a day, what she’d change about herself, and her life mantra. Guest Host Janet Mock wrapped up the interview by asking Tracee social media questions from some of her biggest fans, including what she learned from her celebrated role on “Girlfriends,” and the best advice she’s received about Hollywood.

Watch the Interview: Tracee Ellis Ross On Larry King Now