Beauty + Fashion | Charli Catches Up With Fashion Designer Timothy Orey + Clothes Minded Clothing


“Clothes Minded Clothing represents a unique and creative outlook on fashion mixed with cultural expressions. Freedom of style drawn from artistic perspectives is what we stand for. Clothes Minded is an exclusive brand with, but not limited to, a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories. Through these items, we want you to tell your story and connect with those of others. Keep an open mind — with no labels. Be CLOTHES MINDED.”

I got a chance to catch up with the fashion designer behind the popular Clothes Minded Clothing to talk about his inspiration, challenges and designs behind one of the hottest independent brands in the southern US region!


Charli:  What first inspired you to become a fashion designer and make your mark on the industry?

Timothy: I’ve always had the passion and desire to start my own brand, however, I never had the resources or the right mind frame. After I developed those two, my friends & I embarked on our Clothes Minded journey.

Charli: Talk about Clothes Minded Clothing. What sparked the name? What’s the story, concept and message behind the brand?

Timothy: Most people are closed minded in general-Which is why we chose to go with “Clothes Minded”. Expansion of the mind is key to me. Clothes Minded represents a unique and creative outlook on fashion mixed with cultural expressions. Freedom of style drawn for artistic perspectives is what we stand for.


Charli: I know that you often do pop-up shops and events, but what cities currently host your markets — and will you expand soon?

Timothy: For now, we’re in store at “Off-Beat” located in Jackson, MS. However, due to our online store we’re always just one click away from everyone. No matter where you’re at.

Charli: What does the future entail for you and for Clothes Minded Clothing? Like in 5 years, where do you want to see yourself and your brand?

Timothy: Our main goal is to push from a domestic to an international business.

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Charli: As an entrepreneur on an exciting journey thus far, what were/are your struggles, challenges and conflicts — and how are you overcoming them?

Timothy: There’s too many, lol. Being an young entrepreneur is a journey within it self, each day brings a new challenge. But being humble, open minded and optimistic allows me to over come them all.

Charli: If you could give a piece of advice to a large group of aspiring fashion designers, what would you tell them?

Timothy: Follow your heart, master your craft, don’t be afraid to push the limit. Research your field UP and DOWN. Learn from those (Designers) who came before you. Study what did/didn’t work from others and continue to educate yourself daily.

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Charli: I understand that you have a Fall 2014 collection. Can you talk about this line specifically — and what can supporters and customers expect from Clothes Minded Clothing in the Spring 2015?

Timothy: We kept it cozy with our 2014 Fall Line. Made up of collegiate designs and college based color schemes- inspired transitional weather staples like hoodies, crew necks, joggers, and denim button down shirts.The collection is comprised of softer fabric, all-over prints, and our catchy “Foreign Shit” design returns. A fun, colorful, electric vibe will be our main goal for our 2015 line.


Charli: How can my readers connect with you via Social Media — and also purchase items from Clothes Minded Clothing?

Timothy: Follow/Tweet us @RuClothesMinded, send us your #ClothesMinded pictures on Instagram @ClothesMindedClothing and visit us at 

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