Exclusive | Bobbi Kristina Brown Paid Tribute to Whitney Houston in a Sweet Way, Weeks Before Incident, Death Anniversary


Two weeks ago, Bobbi Kristina Brown walked into a tattoo parlor in Georgia, wearing a T-shirt bearing a photo of her late mother Whitney Houston.

The 21-year-old was hospitalized on Saturday after being found unconscious in a bathtub at her house. She remains unresponsive. Almost exactly three years ago, her famous mom, iconic singer and The Bodyguard actress was found in a similar manner before she was pronounced dead age 48.

During a Jan. 20 visit to Inksomnia Tattoo Studio, one of her favorite parlors that is located near her home in Alpharetta and which was featured on the Lifetime reality show “The Houstons”, Bobbi Kristina spoke about her mom, employees Teresa Mellas told E! News exclusively.

“She kept talking about [her mother] and the anniversary coming up,” she said about Bobbi Kristina. “She talked about it a lot. She said she missed her a lot and thought about her all the time.”


“She had a T-shirt on with Whitney on the front and she told me she was wearing her mother’s belt,” Mellas added. “It really was weighing hard on her.”

Bobbi Kristina has visited the shop several times over the past six years. She used to come in with Houston, Mellas told E! News. Bobbi Kristina was 15 when the singer first brought her there. At the time, she got her first piercing—in her belly button.

During her visit two weeks ago, she seemed a bit depressed at times but appeared upbeat as she picked out and received multiple piercings, Mellas told E! News, adding that she also talked about her husband, Nick Gordon, and even facetimed with him during her appointment.


“She had told me she loves him,” Mellas told E! News. “She was facetiming with him while at the studio, showing him the her piercings she was having done.”

Mellas said Bobbi Kristina got her nose re-pierced, a dermal piercing— in which is a magnet is inserted under the skin and the jewelry is placed outside the skin—below one of her eyes and a monroe, or small diamond stud between her nose and lip.

She said Bobbi Kristina, who is also a singer, wanted to get a tattoo of a musical note but opted to schedule that appointment for a later time.

“She was supposed to start working on her new album last week,” Mellas added. “She was very excited about it.”

Gordon, Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, and other family members have flocked to her hospital bedside. Fans and celebs have tweeted messages of support and prayers. In a statement issued on Sunday, Bobby called on supporters to “give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time.”

“It was a shock to me because we had just seen her and it is so much like what happened with her mom,” Mellas said, about Bobbi Kristina’s medical incident.


“Everyone here wishes her a speedy and full recovery,” she added. “We feel very close to her because she has been coming in here for so many years. We are sending our thoughts and prayers to her and her family right now.”

Source || E! Online




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