Bring Back the Fun in Your Relationship


If you and your special someone have been together for a while, it’s totally understandable if the two of you have fallen into a routine. Sure, there’s something to be said for comfortable silence, but once the butterflies settle, it’s important you make the effort to keep things fun. Sometimes, even the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, you just have to get a little creative.

couple running on the beach

Check out a few ways you can bring the fun back to your relationship.

Make Your Chores a Game

This may sound like a way to convince children to clean their rooms, but turning your everyday chores into a game can bring some much needed goofiness back to your relationship. Sock basketball is always a popular option on laundry day, or you can simply time yourselves at specific tasks. If you have an especially competitive partner, you can just play for bragging rights, but it can be fun to play towards a prize, too. If the heat of competition doesn’t do it for you, a post from Becoming His Eve suggests doing chores in the nude. Doing housework while wearing little to no clothing can make an otherwise boring task fun—and sexy. However, just make sure you leave the window cleaning for a time when you’re fully clothed.

Get Things Cooking in the Kitchen

In a blog for Adam and Eve, resident sexologist Dr. Kat Van Kirk suggested using food to heat things up between you and your partner during meal time. You can feed one another strawberries or you could always grab some chocolate sauce and make a sundae. You just may be surprised how hot things can get with some whipped cream. Dr. Kat recommends staying away from anything too spicy, though, because it can irritate your skin. And, of course, make sure you’re aware of your partner’s food allergies before getting started. It should go without saying, but nothing spoils the fun faster than a trip to the hospital.

Kick Up a Boring Car Ride

Think back to when you rode in the car with your friends during high school. Chances are you weren’t listening to NPR or talk radio. In your favorite memories, you were probably jammin’ along to the music with the windows down and the volume all the way up. One of you on air guitar and the other manning the invisible mic—yeah, you remember. You can have the same fun when you’re in the car running errands with your partner. Instead of staring blankly out the window, crank up the tunes, and let your hair down for a bit. According to an article from Glamour, being silly when you’re in such close parameters can help make the ride more fun while also breaking up any tension caused by traffic.

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The world is serious enough as it is, so why not make your relationship more fun? Put aside your everyday stresses, if only for a few minutes, and take the time to get a little goofy. If nothing else, it’ll definitely break up any of the monotony the two of you have been facing.