Fashion Feature: Atlanta, GA Based Fashion Blogger, Demi Wells


Bringing BACK our ever so lovely HONEY BE FLY column just in time for SUMMER 2015! Get ready — fresh, fly honeys will grace the pages of PSLOVECHARLI.COM all summer long; and we’re kicking it off with fashion blogger, Demi Wells of WHATDEMIWORE.COM. (Don’t worry Demi, we just snatched a few of our favorite  looks :) xo

Demi is a 22-year-old fashion/lifestyle blogger and fashion public relations student. She loves all things creative including photography, classic art, and graphic design. Her fashion blog (very classy by the way), What Demi Wore was founded in 2011 to document her style journey. To date, she has done collaborations with many local brands and has been featured in local magazines.






Connect with Demi:

Twitter | @demi_wells

Facebook | What Demi Wore

Instagram | @demi_wells

Web |

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