Behind the Scenes Of My Little DIY Blogger Work Space + Tips On How To Style Your Own

For awhile now, well — at least ever since knowing that I would be moving into a new apartment, decor ideas GALORE were going MAD through my mind. MAD, I say! I kind of knew what type of environment I would be going for — like a chic, bohemian type of environment; I mean, why not match your decor to your personal style? So yeah, that’s what I’m after currently as I style my cute little new place.

Of course, the first thing that had to be completed was my work space. I’ve always wanted an all-white space. One, because it’s clean and looks tidy + neat (given you are careful — which in fact, I’m not. And instead, a totally clumsy person, but hey — we’re dreaming, right?), and two, because I’ve always been a fan of natural light. And the light that makes its way into my new spot, is just perfect! A nice effect that accompanies the color white. So, I ordered a desk (Altra Parsons Desk — which I had to assemble with tools + stuff, but I won’t go there) via Amazon found here (which reminds me, I seriously need to delete the Amazon app from my phone), and a chic chair. The chair didn’t really matter to me; just wanted something different and comfortable. So I also found “my new chair” via Amazon — found here.

While getting my decor thoughts together, I took many trips to my favorite places (online), like Target, Kirklands… and Bed Bath + Beyond — but unfortunately could not find any wall-art that I truly liked. So I had these mini canvases (seriously, Amazon is my favorite cyber hangout), just sitting around and had tons of magazines that I was getting rid of — so in short, I decided to get creative and bring my initial ideas to light. DIY canvas art! And let me just say first, it was so fun making these little things with magazine clippings — one day, on a Saturday while the sun was shining :)

Should you want to make your own — and get creative, come up with a magazine theme of your choice. Cut the clippings and get messy! First, I painted the canvases, using acrylic paint from Target. I chose 2 of my favorite colors: Teal and Peach, which are really called Deep Blue Sea + Shell at Target. I’m no painter, but I’m a fearless female and I always know how to have a little fun — so I just painted away, doing whatever moved me, lol.

After letting the canvas dry, take your mag clippings and a little Elmers clear glue and stick your clippings onto the canvas. With the paint, it allows you to place your clippings on however you’d like, because you have a little art in the background to take up blah space. Let it dry.

Last, I used some of my favorite stuff, MOD PODGE (Gloss Finish) to paste over the entire canvas for a little glitz and polish. Now, you can certainly skip this step and hang your wall art up after the Elmers glue sticking, but I needed that “uhh!” finish, and the mod podge will help to give your project a more professional look; and also give it a unique texture. If you haven’t worked with mod podge before, know that it dries clear. So take a look below; I applied the mod podge and at first, it will look really messy. But just give it some time, maybe 10 minutes, and it will dry clear. Your project will look polished, once completely dried.


I’m a simple girl, so as long as I’ve got my macbook and a few assignments, I don’t really need much else on my desk. I’m  also a magazine lover (hence the magazine inspired space), so I just grabbed a few magz and placed them somewhere; grabbed my favorite water cup (it’s really a mason jar, with a top + straw, lol); my favorite Essie polishes, my earphones, because without music, what is life? And finally, a bunch of Sharpies (like, ALL colors) and I’m all set. I do have the office essentials (stapler, white-out, notepads, etc.) in the drawer portion of my Parsons Desk. So yes, I’m all set and ready to blog :)

Thanks for tuning in :) Love.