Love + Relationships | Expert Advice For Couples Who Need To Take A Break


There might come a time in your relationship when taking a break from your man seems like the best idea. Maybe you’ve been arguing for a while, and the situation doesn’t appear to get any better? Perhaps you’ve found out about an affair, and you’re struggling to forgive? Either way, spending some time apart could help you to get a better perception of the situation. It could assist you in discovering what you want, and whether the relationship can continue. The advice on this page is suitable for both people in that situation. Couples sometimes need to spend time apart to reassess – that’s just a fact of life.


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Try not to argue

When you have decided it’s time to take a break; there is no point continuing your arguments. Just come to an agreement that ensures neither of you will look for someone else until the situation is sorted. Hopefully, spending time apart will help you to remember why you loved being together in the first place. If it doesn’t, you’re probably with the wrong person, and you need to move on. Ideally, you should set a timeframe for the separation. Don’t drag it on for more than a couple of weeks before you make your final decisions.

Consider the no contact rule

The no contact rule states that neither of you should pick up the phone during the separation. Some couples find it works very well because they start to miss each other considerably. All those negative thoughts disappear when you can’t get in touch with the person you love. Just bear in mind that the opposite can happen too. Presuming you’re not meant to be together, time apart will make you see a better side of life. You will realise the relationship is not going to work, and so you will start looking for someone else.

Be honest

It’s important that both people in your relationship are honest when it comes to spending time apart. There is no point in continuing the lies if you haven’t been truthful. Likewise, if you think your partner has been cheating, you need to ask them outright. They should try to be as honest as possible too. At the end of the day, your relationship is on the rocks. Adding more lies and mistruths to the situation will almost certainly mean you never get back together. As the old saying goes, honesty is always the best policy.


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So long as you follow that advice, you should get the best outcome possible from taking a short break. Most couples will realize their mistakes and try to put things right very quickly. The only other things you need to worry about relate to children. Those of you with kids should be careful about spending too much time apart. It could hurt the little ones, and you don’t want to make them feel upset. Maybe daddy has to work away for a few nights? That would be a more suitable explanation than telling the truth in most circumstances. You should always try to hide your relationship problems from them when they are young.



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