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5 Ways To Stay Stylish When Pregnant

Whenever you’re lucky enough to have your first child, you’re going to have to experience pregnancy. It’s an incredible, maturing experience – but not always a great one. For starters, you put on weight, and none of your clothes fit anymore as that bump continues to get bigger! But don’t worry. As important as it is to protect your body and your health during pregnancy, it’s also essential to look good, too! Here’re five ways to keep your style while you’re pregnant!

  • Pants Extenders

Not many people know about these, but there is actually a method for making your old pants double as maternity wear! Pants extenders are a great way of making use of all your non-maternity clothing. These are versatile and discreet products that can be hidden under a top or belt. There are two types, a ‘hook and bar’ option and the more traditional ‘button’. They’re a great pick-up, and we suggest you give them a go if you’re currently struggling for clothes during your pregnancy.

  • Show Some Cleavage

There will be no better time or excuse for you to show some skin than these nine months! Your breasts will grow by a sizeable amount during pregnancy. I’m sure your partner won’t mind seeing a bit more than usual. Low cut, flowy tops are great for accentuating your cleavage. It’ll make you feel sexy, and style comes with feeling good about how you’re dress. Give it a go, you’ll love it!

  • Slimming > Baggy

That might sound bizarre but think about it. If you opt for baggier clothing to hide your bump, or to make it look small, you’re going to end up looking like a tent. Nobody wants that! Wearing slimming clothing actually helps you look a lot leaner during pregnancy, as the focus is only on your bump. This detracts from the rest of your slender body, making you appear much thinner – it’s great! A nice, fitted dress is perfect for showing off your new body shape.


  • Accessorize

While pregnant, it can often be a lot easiest to wear mundane, plain clothes and never jazz them up. That’s rubbish! Pregnancy is the perfect time to accessorize. If you’re biggest over the summer months, consider a beautiful floppy hat. It’ll not only look great but also help to shade you and your baby in the heat of the sunlight. If your biggest trimester comes over the winter months, then consider a gorgeous, long scarf that you can drape over your bump. These are both great ways to look stylish during pregnancy!

  • Oversized Tops

Oversized shirts are ‘in’ right now, very much so. So, take advantage of this trend! Instead of shopping in the expensive maternity section, head of to the Women’s. Grab a gorgeous checked shirt or knitted jumper that’s meant to be baggy on everyone else, but fits gorgeously around your bump! Not feeling it? Try wearing cardigans or blazers. These give an elegant sense of style and allow your arms to fall back more, resting your aching shoulders.

Hopefully, these style tips will be of use to you during your pregnancy. Everyone deserves to look good – even with a bump!