Lifestyle | Why You Should Defy Fashion Icons + Be Yourself

They say that style should be all about individual expression, but we all have our own fashion icons. You know; the ones we look to for ideas on hair, style and clothing. There has never been more focus on celebrity culture than there is today. With an entire generation of girls obsessing over pulling off the Kardashian, there is a market for new products. That’s why so many celebrities choose to lend their name to a variety of different products, namely fragrances and clothes.

It’s a money making opportunity, by and large, but some of them are pretty great. Before you get too carried away trying to model yourself on your favourite celebrity of choice, though, there are some things you need to know. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to look identical to somebody else. At least, not without a bunch of expensive and painful surgery procedures. And why would you want to?

Style is all about being yourself. You may be able to disguise some of your less favourite features, but you’re stuck with what you were given. Work with that. By all means, you can have your own fashion idol to look up to, but know your limits. Here’s how to get the best out of yourself.



As a culture, we tend to obsess over who is the best dressed. We watch fashion shows, big events like movie premieres, and read style blogs. We keep up with trends to know what we should be wearing and when. There is even a website that has a list of celebrity measurements, presumably so you know what you can aspire for.

Understand your body. All sizes and shapes are beautiful in their own way, and all can pull off different articles of clothing. Know your body shape and what will help you look your best. Gain a good understanding of how baggy and tight affect your body differently.


How many times have we looked on in absolute awe of those women that seem to have perfect hair days every day? Your hair is far and away the most popular expression of style. There isn’t a lot you can’t do with it anymore, thanks to the thousands of products on the market. Before you visit the hairdresser and ask for specifics, though, you need to take things into consideration.

The first is your face shape. You may love a hairstyle on somebody else, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suit you. Your hair should always complement your face shape. Certain styles just don’t go with different sized faces, so be aware of that. Ask your hairdresser for advice on what style they think will best complement the structure of your face.

Also, be aware that certain colors look better on others than they may on you. That isn’t a slight. I’m sure there’s a color you can rock that even your favorite celebrity would struggle to pull off.

It’s important that you remember to be yourself. Sure, we all have our role models that we look to for fashion advice, but being unique is much more rewarding. Who knows, maybe you’re somebody else’s fashion icon!


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