Beauty + Style | Tips for the Best Night Time Skincare Routine


I think we all know how important washing our face is each night, and, of course, each morning. It is so important to make sure you have removed makeup properly from your face too. This is all obvious stuff. Did you know that not doing these two things can affect how your skin looks the next day? So it is vital to have a great skincare routine in place. Here is a guide to helping you with that routine.


The first step for your skin is to cleanse. It can be so easy just to fall into bed when we are super tired. But you need to take the time and go for a regime and skin care products that fit your lifestyle. The first product to use is a cleanser. This is more than just splashing your face with water, as a cleanser will remove the dirt and grime of the day. Water is great, but it doesn’t get everything off.

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Remove Your Makeup

A cleanser will get a lot of your makeup off, but it won’t remove everything. Eye makeup can be the hardest to remove so think about getting a specific eye makeup remover. There are some natural options like coconut oil or olive oil too. Using a small amount, apply to your eyelids and gently wipe away. Use dry cotton wool or pads to remove it all.


The third step is to exfoliate. There will be times when you should do this more than others. When your skin is dry, you should exfoliate more regularly. So you will probably do this most days in winter. When your skin isn’t dry, you should still exfoliate, it just doesn’t need to be as often. Exfoliating helps to get rid of dry skin cells, so they don’t gather up on your skin and block pores.

Use Toner

Using a toner on your skin is the next step. This works to clear your skin of any last traces of makeup or cleanser that may still be on your skin. It is important when selecting a toner, that you choose one that is specific to your skin type. If you have dry skin, you don’t want your toner to dry your skin out even more. Go for an alcohol-free toner if this is the case. Do a little research into what type of toner you should use.

Apply a Moisturiser

This is the final stage in the skincare routine. Washing your face is important, but it can wash away some of your skin’s natural oils. So a little help to get it back is required. A good moisturiser will help your skin to hydrate overnight, so it is important to have one the works well for your skin. For example, if your skin is ageing, you should go for a night cream. This will help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, as well as hydrate. Make sure to use moisturizer on other parts of your body too, like your feet and elbows.




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