Beauty + Style | The Best Date-Night Looks For Every Girl

Hot date coming up? Whether it’s the 1st or the 100th, gorgeous hair and well-chosen cosmetics make a girl feel super confident. Read on for three date-night looks to suit everyone, from perfect hair to stunning makeup.

The Bombshell

Hollywood starlets go for this look for a reason; it’s a stunner! It consists of three crucial parts; the hair, the lips and the skin.

Firstly, the hair. The work begins in the shower; use a volumising shampoo and conditioner. Then, dry your hair upside down to insert lots of oomph! Once dry, get to work with curls. Lots of curl types look great but think Blake Lively at an award’s ceremony for the classic look. Be sure to finish the look with a shine serum.


Then it’s on to the skin. Swishy hair should be paired with glowing skin; think dewy, not matte. Finally, the lips are the finishing touch. A bold classic red will finish this look off perfectly. Walk through a cloud of your favorite perfume and straight out the door!

Change it up

For an even classier version, pin up the top section with a delicate, sparkly grip. This is especially good to for keeping hair off your face if you’re planning on dancing later on!

Long and luscious

This is a super-sexy look sure to knock any date off his or her feet! Don’t worry if you’re currently rocking a bob or crop, though. That’s exactly why extensions are so handy. While you can really splash out and head to a local salon, you can buy clip-in ones from places like Milk and Blush. There are dozens of shades to pick from. So, even if you’re styling out something a little more unusual, you should be able to find something to suit.


Go all out with your makeup! Apply false lashes and a thick line of eyeliner, and then a shimmery lipgloss in your favourite shade.

Change it up

Go ombre! By dying the extensions and not your own hair, you can get creative confidently! And none of your own hair will suffer color damage.  

Sleek and smooth

Some can pull off entirely flat hair well, but for others, it can translate to lank. If you feel like straight hair does this to you, incorporate a little volume at the roots. The best way to do this is with some gentle back-combing. Split your hair into sections for this so you can ensure every part is tended too. After back-combing, spritz some hairspray to keep your hard work in place. Finally, use a soft brush to smooth the very top layer. You’ll be surprised what a big difference a little bit of root lifting can do to the overall look.

The-Weeknd-and-Bella-Hadid-arrive-at-the-58th-Grammy-AwardsPhoto Credit | REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Pair with a nude, matte lip for an extra level of sophistication, and lashings of black mascara.

Change it up

Sweep all of your hair to one side, and pin in place with a kirby grip at the back. This will show off your neck and clavicle wonderfully.



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