Beauty + Style | Quick Tips to Subtly Change Your Appearance

We all know that outward beauty is the result of a healthy lifestyle. The right food, exercise and good emotional health all contribute to our physical appearance. But on occasion, we all get a little bored with our ‘look’. This could be because we have a problem area or it could be simply that we’re looking for a change.

There are countless ways we can change our appearance. The following are a few tips for making simple and subtle edits.

It All Starts With Health

Looking good all starts with health. Get that right and you’re part way there. It’s simple really. Cut down on processed food that is high in sugar, salt and fats. Replace that with healthier choices rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and good fats. Exercise regularly and tend to your emotional health.


Address Problem Area

We all have areas we’re not too keen on. They may not be noticeable to anyone else but we know they’re there. Try to address those areas first. It could be as simple as replacing missing teeth with tooth implants to improve your smile. Or it could be addressing a specific skin or hair issue.

Drink More Water

We all know that we should do this but we don’t. Apart from the health benefits that water provides, it also makes a difference to our appearance. In fact, it has a positive effect on all aspects of our life. It helps our skin, making it appear plumper and more youthful. It also improves the condition of our hair.

Adopt Good Habits

When we think of the physical appearance we often focus on the hair and face. We recommend adopting a good beauty regime and sticking to it. The ‘sticking to it’ part is important.

  1. Start a skincare regime that works for you. Include cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  2. Work out what kind of skin you have and buy the products that are tailored to your needs.
  3. Remove your makeup every day without fail.
  4. Keep your makeup brushes, sponges and face cloths clean.
  5. Start an exercise plan that works for you.

Don’t go overboard. Introducing small changes bit by bit will help you achieve them.

Change Your Hair

Altering your hairstyle is the quickest way to make the most noticeable changes to your appearance. Alterations to color, length and style will have the most dramatic effect. But if you prefer subtle over dramatic, then a few simple small revisions will help.

  1. Get a trim. Rather than a whole new look, opt for a quick cut. Top this up every six weeks or so.
  2. Are you using the right shampoo and conditioner? Do you have problem areas that need addressing? Ask your hairdresser for advice.
  3. Don’t overdo the styling products.
  4. Every so often book a deep conditioning treatment.
  5. Read this article for tips on achieved shiny hair.

Update Your Wardrobe

Clothes are also part of our identify. They represent how we want to be seen in the world. Rather than getting a whole new wardrobe think about making small changes to what you have already. Introduce new accessories such as scarves, belts and jewellery. Mix and match your outfit choices. If you’re feeling creative, you could make some alterations to some of your clothes. A set of new buttons, for example, can transform a cardigan or a blouse.

Adopting the above won’t create a dramatic new look. That’s not what we’re going for here. Instead, they will introduce small, subtle changes that will have a real impact on your appearance.




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