Motherhood + Children | Saving the Planet, One Nappy at a Time!


When you have a baby, you have so many things to think about. A new baby is always a kind of shock to the system, whether it’s your first or your fifth! It’s all about a new addition to your family, and will make a significant change to your lifestyle. But how do you keep it green?


If you choose to use cloth nappies, then you’re going to reduce your carbon footprint in a big way. You and your little one won’t’ be contributing to landfill that takes hundreds of years to decompose! The impact of disposable nappies on the environment is quite shocking.

This site is a big advocate of cloth nappies. And if you’re still thinking it’s all nappy pins and folding like the old days? Think again! Cloth nappies aren’t all that much different from their disposable counterparts. You can buy them in a huge variety of different patterns and designs. You can get some really cute and funky nappies these days. Your baby will be ultra stylish right down to their diaper! For some seriously smart look, shuffle over to

Laundering your infants nappies means that you are likely to be using your washing machine more than ever before. That in itself is not going to help boost your green credentials, especially if your machine is not as efficient as it should be. If you’re washing your nappies in a machine that’s eating up electric, then you might want to think again.  An energy efficient washing machine will save you money washing your little one’s nappies. It’ll also help reduce your carbon footprint. Emissions given out by appliances that are outdated or past their best are no good at all for the world that we live in. If it’s time for you to replace your shaky old machine, then a good starting point is


Another big contributor to landfill is the millions of baby wipes parents use every single day. Even the ones that are marked biodegradable might not be as good for the environment as you might think. These enemies of the earth still need air and light to break down, and they’re not getting that buried deep in landfill sites. And don’t even think about flushing them down the toilet. Not only might they block your plumbing, they clog up underground pipes and sewers. Working in london had to remove a 15 tonne blockage of cooking fat and soiled baby wipes recently. If you think about it, that’s absolutely disgusting. Urgh. Who would want THAT job? If you want to know more about how baby wipes are wrecking our eco-system, read more at

You can make your own baby wipes that you can reuse again and again. That’s much better for the environment, and much better for your purse, too. You can make them from old clothes to recycle your garments that have seen better days. keep them moist in  tupperware box with a few drops of essential oil. Not just helping them smell sweet, essential oils will stop damp wipes going mouldy. Use an oil like lavender which has healing and antibacterial properties. Then just pop them in the wash. And there you have it!



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