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Your Body and You: Confidence Tips That Really Help

We aren’t all born with natural body confidence like Kim Kardashian. That being said though, we don’t all have the money to spend to get our bodies looking that way either. Even so, developing body confidence is something anybody can do with enough practice. Yep, consistency and practice is all it takes to learn to love yourself and get confidence. Everybody is more attractive when they are confident. If you’d like to see for yourself, try these tips that really help:

Accept Your ‘Flaws’

Most body confidence issues start because somebody has things that they perceive to be flaws. This might be big feet, a small chest, or something else. It could be something that nobody else can see. The truth is, nobody else notices these ‘flaws’ like you do. Other people might kill to have your nose or your ‘flaws’. Accepting these things and realising that they aren’t so bad after all is really important. Don’t focus on them when you look in the mirror. Instead, see yourself as a whole. It might also help to make a list of good points to your flaws. For example, thick legs may help you stay strong and sturdy.


Make a List of Things You Love

Make a list of things you love and add to it as often as you like. Read it as much as you feel you need to to remind yourself how great you are! It could be anything at all, from how much you like your ears to your smile. You’re not being big headed or vain here. Self love is really important!

Exercise and Eat Right

By exercising and eating right, you’ll make many positive changes. Not only will your body change and become healthier, your mind will become healthier too. Exercise will help to release endorphins, while eating proper food will keep you energized and in a better mood.


Dress Nicely

The way we dress can change our attitude and outlook on the world. If you feel like you look your best, you’ll always feel more confident!

Create an Alter Ego

Beyonce has an alter ego that she uses on stage to help her channel her inner fierceness. You should try to do the same and see if it helps you!

Let Compliments Boost Your Confidence

If somebody gives you a compliment, then take it. When people give compliments they usually mean them, so take them in and enjoy them!