Beauty + Style | 5 Steps for The Perfect Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is an exotic and timelessly sexy look that suits anyone. Whatever your age, eye shape, or persona style, a smoky eye can be adapted to suit you. If you are just getting into makeup and prefer a natural look, the smoky eye can be achieved with softer tones like grey and cool brown. Add a soft, natural gloss or balm on the lips and you’re good to go. If you’re more mature and worried that a smoky eye will be too harsh on you, smokey eyes can actually be very sculptural and chic. They can take years off us by looking contemporary and elegant! Carefully select makeup that looks fresh rather than heavy. If you’re wearing a heavy smoky eye on a more mature face, go very softly on the blush. Choose peachy shades rather than reddish, for example. Also apply lip products in a laidback, tactile way rather than harsh and perfect. With a bit of practice and the top tips below, you can rock a perfect smoky eye at any time of day or night!


1.) The Base

Getting the base right for a smoky eye is half the battle. Begin with a clean eyelid and prep with concealer or primer if you have a tendency to get oily. Specially formulated eye primers can also ensures the makeup stays put for longer. Apply all over the lid and blend evenly. The idea is to create a smooth, even canvas for the rest of the makeup.

2.) Start with lighter colours

A smoky eye looks the most flattering if there is still some light around the eyes, such as the brow bone and inner corner. It can be difficult to add light over the top of dark colours unless it is simply a sheen or glitter. Start with a light shade blended in the inner corners and on the brow bone. Then begin adding darker colours being careful to avoid the work you’ve done. If you have lighter shades of brown and darker shades of brown for your smoky eye, for example, the same principle applies. Always start with the lighter shade then build up to the darker ones. This would also be the time to apply any contact lenses before you can smudge dark makeup. Blue eye contacts can really stand out amongst the dark colors!

3.) Lashline and lid

When you first apply your smoky shade, start on the eyelid without going above the crease. The focus of all the darkness should be on the lid and lashline. Once this has been applied to the desired darkness, begin blending the edges. Use a clean brush if necessary. Holding the brush closer to the end that the bristles also makes the application lighter. Use litte circles and windscreen wiper motions in the crease (or socket) of the eye to blend effectively. Take your time with blending. It is blending that makes the makeup look professional.


4.) To line or not to line?

Adding eyeliner to the upper or lower (or both) lash-lines can change the appearance of the makeup. If you’re going for a more undone, sexy smokey eye, then kohl smudged around the inner rim of the eyes and along the lash line will be perfect. If you are aiming for a more glamourous or flawless look, then a slick of winged liquid liner on the upper lashlines will be more appropriate. Choose your eyeliner to reflect whether you want the effect to be effortless and rock chick, or glamourous and sleek.

5.) Mascara!

Whatever your look, adding layers and layers of black mascara to both the upper and lower lashes will ensure all eyes are on you.



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