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I want to be in that spiritual place where time doesn’t exist. Where everyday you wake up and you can’t think of enough ways to spend your day, but you never run out of ideas. You always know you have infinite possibilities… and that everything you are experiencing physically in this human body is just temporary. That’s just a dream, right? Nope. It’s real. More real than what you think life really is.

The human body is just a form for the spirit being. It’s like a costume we put on for thousands of years. It’s an experiment. An interesting one. It’s like a mad scientist creating a Frankenstein, not expecting the beautifully twisted ways free will arise from the creation. The One created a vessel to manifest itself in, and is wowed by the capabilities of what it has created.


Why is there suffering on earth? And why is God allowing it? This is what people ask. I have the answer. It’s because we are all God expressed in the multiplicity of human form. WE are allowing it. There isn’t any ONE outside of ourselves. And we have to realize that in order to save ourselves from ourselves — we hold our hands on really creating a change. Why? Because it’s hard? No way. Because we don’t have the capability? Hell no. It’s because as humans, we’re egotistical and fascinated with ourselves. We have become the most extreme aspect of narcissism. Bottom line, we can’t get past the “me” that our egos have created enough to see about “you”, which is really “us”. Such a shame. We blame, but in reality we have no one else to do that with because we are all the same.

If you’re looking for an answer to all of the problems we are facing, look at everything you love, everything you hate, and everything in between… and you will find yourself. Look within and understand that what you perceive on the outside is only what’s inside. Learn to acknowledge and heal the broken or tainted parts for yourself and you’ll find that it benefits everyone. Stop only SAYING (or complaining) and start DOING the things that really matter.

Think of the things that create the negativity in our world. Fear, terror, anxiety, poverty, sadness, depression, disease. Where do they all come from?? They come from greed. The One ATTEMPTS to separate from itself and then finds itself at war constantly trying to restore balance and cohesiveness, but failing. In a constant state of war with itself until it self-destructs.


Do you really want to be the cause of your own ruin?? Just completely annihilate your own creation? That would be crazy, right? To put it in more relevant terms, build a million dollar robot and take an ax to it each day hacking pieces of it off little by little…. then you get almost to the end of it and you just go MAD swinging that ax like a wild beast! *taps shoulder* Hey, that’s what we’re doing to ourselves and the world. You think either is going to survive if we keep going at this rate? I can give you a strong no on that.

Everyone together is intelligent enough to fix it! In fact, who has yet to not know best how to operate/repair its own creation? Bingo! There’s the answer. It’s up to us. Collectively. It would be an insult to humanity (which is all of us by the way) to not figure this out.



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