Beauty + Style | 4 Things That Girls Wish They Could Change About Themselves

We are all beautiful. But whatever people may say to you about looking great, we all still have those body woes. There is something about ourselves that we wish that we could change. Recently, a survey found that 90% of ladies questioned weren’t happy with their body and it was getting them down. According to research, these feelings can start as young as nine, and is often blamed on the media as we see women who are very skinny with perfect bodies. Here are four things that girls wish they could change about themselves.



It might be an easier change than the others but hair can upset people. The color of the hair can make a girl self-conscious. It is one of the biggest things we want to change about ourselves, and, therefore, this is why many women dye their hair on a regular basis. Ladies with ginger hair often wish they could change their hair although it is a beautiful color. Another thing we often don’t like about our hair is the length. Although you can go to an hairdresser to get it shortened, it can be a lot harder to get it to grow to a long length. That’s why many ladies are buying extensions so that they can have a quick route to long locks.

The condition of the hair can also cause upset. Some ladies can have problems with dandruff and have issues with dry hair. Another thing that bothers people is when they have hair which is curly and they want it straight. They end up spending lots on straighteners. It also works the other way round and people with straight hair are always trying to curl their hair.



Harder to change but still a huge issue for women is their breasts. It is often the size which can upset ladies. They want a bigger pair of breasts or want a smaller size. Many women go under the knife to change them. The look of them can also cause worries to ladies, with some feeling they don’t look the same. As it says here, some women worry they aren’t perky enough, and that they aren’t high enough. It can cause even more concerns after ladies give birth, and some go to get surgery to get them lifted.


Skin is another thing that can cause huge worries for a woman. If they are suffering from acne, women will go to huge lengths to try and help make their skin clear. They can often spend thousands on new products to help the skin. We talked about how you can improve your skin here so that you can feel happier, but there is no magic cure. It doesn’t help when we see celebrities with perfect skin. But actually, a lot of celeb ladies are hiding skin problems. People also wish they didn’t have so many wrinkles and lines, and often go for treatments such as Botox to reduce these.



Teeth can really cause a lady worries and make them feel more shy in social situations. Having stained teeth can make us feel insecure and we often buy whitening toothpaste, or even go for treatment to help this. When teeth are not straight enough, women feel also feel self-conscious. They are trying aligners such as invisalign to help sort out this issue.

Don’t forget that nobody is perfect and you should love your body.



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