Love + Relationships | What To Do If Your Relationship Is Struggling


If your relationship is struggling, breaking up isn’t the only option. Read on for a handful of alternative solutions to help get things back on track.

Have A Frank Discussion

If you can’t speak or communicate at home, meet up in a neutral place. Getting out of the home means you are on neutral ground, where neither of you has the upper hand. You might want to meet in a park, so you have privacy and fresh air. Or, meet in a public place, like a coffee shop. Being in front of other people might stop you shouting and getting angry, and make you discuss things properly instead. Agree at the start that you will let the other one say their piece without interrupting the other. Promise not to shout, not to interrupt and not to take offense. You might even want to promise that neither of you will leave the table until the issue is resolved. You might want to get some unlimited coffee refills for that chat!


Consider Professional Counseling

Marriage and relationship counseling can act as excellent counseling services for both you. It gives you a safe place to discuss your feelings, problems and emotions. And, unlike doing this at home, you’ll have a mediator there in the form of the counselor. They are professionally trained to help you both, and this is what they will try to do. They know how important it is not to take sides and remain neutral. They also will not judge you, no matter what you say or admit to having done or felt in the past. All of this adds up to make this option a solid one you might want to consider. Ignore the stigma that is sometimes attached. If it saves your relationship, it will be worth it.

See A Doctor

It could be that you feel that it is you causing the problem. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts lately, it could be your health. Various illnesses can affect our behavior. Mental illness is a prime example of this. If you are struggling personally, it can be putting a strain on your relationship. However, you don’t need to suffer in silence. You might be diagnosed with depression or anxiety, for example. While this might sound like a scary prospect, it is better than you know what the issue is. You can be prescribed medication to quell the symptoms. Plus, your partner can then learn about your condition and start finding ways to support you.

Similarly, if you suspect your partner is struggling, encourage him or her to seek professional help and advice.


Take A Holiday

It could be that it is not your relationship that is bad, but the other factors that are surrounding you. It could be that you need to take a holiday together. This allows you to get away from the house, work, colleagues and friends. It allows you to get back to basics and to focus on each other and nothing else. If you can afford it, go all-inclusive so you don’t have to think about cooking either. Taking a break- be it for two days or two weeks- could be just what you need.



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