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Trust Yourself and Watch Life Change

Why is it so hard to trust people? I can give you countless answers, but there’s only one that really resonates… FEAR. We tend to be on guard with things that we don’t understand or have no knowledge of, and this is where we draw the line and begin to analyze. Take a little trip with me.

You may ask… well what if someone gave me a reason not to trust them? They lied or misled me. They HURT me. Ok, those all seem like legitimate reasons not to trust a person, but they aren’t. Why? Because everything I think about other people, always comes back to me. That goes for you too. Do you trust yourself? Are you absolutely sure? Because if you can’t trust yourself, then it’s really hard to trust anyone else. Most people have a notion that they trust themselves more than anyone else, and if that were true, they wouldn’t ever have a problem with trusting other people.

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“Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe, say, or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.” –Dave Chapelle

The problem is that there is a collective body of consciousness (and unconsciousness) that we all share globally. Let’s better explain this. Think of the media as a higher power and think of all the people in the world as viewers/servants to the media. NOW — think of the media actually relaying information to us in all shapes, forms and fashions. We watch it and absorb the information relayed (visual or auditory) whether consciously or unconsciously. It processes in our minds and we form thoughts about it. Those thoughts become discussions, attitudes and eventually actions. Now what? We’ve now collectively decided to move about the world with ideas and actions deriving from this source. But is this source a good one?


We feed off one another’s energies, and the way that it’s looking now is that most of that energy is negative. Don’t believe me? Murder, rape, racism, sexism, any other isms, war and poverty are some of the most prevalent things in our society. These are the things embedded in our collective body that influence our mistrust. That gives us every reason NOT to trust, but that can be changed. But how?

Let’s start with really getting out of our fearful states and challenging those comfort zones that we’ve created:

  1. Joyfully greet or converse with a stranger that does not particularly appear to identify with you. This means someone of a different race, age, gender, culture, background, or appearance.
  2. Smile at people. Like a warm smile that makes people feel at ease…even if they don’t smile back.
  3. Engage in acts of kindness. It’s the small things. Opening a door for someone, picking up an item someone dropped, buying someone a coffee, etc.
  4. Celebrate with another culture. (i.e: Holi festival, Nowruz, etc.)
  5. Sincerely pray for others. Whether it is for their well-being or their misfortunes/tragedies.
  6. Forgive others and don’t hold grudges for past mistakes.
  7. Embody the true essence of LOVE! This means look within and learn what love is by interacting with and being of service to others.


So fear… LET GO OF IT! Don’t take things personal because it all circles back to you. Be more open and accepting. Discard expectations. Just LOVE yourself as much as you can and you will automatically LOVE others. In turn, you will trust.