What’s the Miracle Beauty Ingredient Hiding In Your Kitchen Cupboard?

It’s important to most people that they look good, and that’s why so many of us spend a lot on things that will boost our appearance. Whether it be makeup, skin products or stuff for our hair, the money spent in the beauty industry every single year is worth billions. As we all search for the secret to holding back the years and keeping the ravages of time at bay?  We’re always on the look out for the latest lotions and potions. But before you go blowing all your hard earned cash on the latest beauty must- have, ask yourself one question. Do you need it? Did you know, you might have something on hand in the house already that would do the job just as well?


Yes. You probably do. And do you know what it is? Get busy in your kitchen cupboards! If you’ve got any at home, then this is where it will be. This magic wonder stuff is good old-fashioned baking soda. You might only ever use it when you’re making cupcakes, but there’s a lot more to this humble ingredient than meets the eye. In fact, you may have heard of its uses for cleaning around the home. But it’s time you considered it as part of your beauty regime, too. Are you thinking, though, that something you can use for getting the stains off of your cooker would be too harsh to use on your skin or body? Well, you’re wrong. It’s time you got in on this age-old beauty trick. If you want to know more, read on!

For Shiny, Soft Hair

If you thought that baking soda was only good for giving bread baked boost, then you’re in for a brilliant surprise. Lots of hair products these day contains silicon and other ingredients that can cause a build-up of product on your hair. If you want to color your hair or just make sure it’s squeaky clean, this residue can be hard to remove. Sites like  can tell you more about the dangers of this. Baking soda is your friend, here! Add about a teaspoon worth to your regular shampoo, and that’s it! Lather and rinse as normal, and you’ll get rid of all the build-up. Say hi to fresh, hot hair!

For Whiter Teeth

There’s no need to spend a fortune on fancy whitening products when you have baking soda in your weaponry! All you have to do is dip a damp toothbrush into some powder, and use it like you would any regular toothpaste. Do use your regular toothpaste after, too to make sure you get all the benefits of brushing your teeth. Lots of products like you’ll find at use it as an ingredient to boost the whitening properties. Give it a go; you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

To Keep Smelling Sweet

You don’t have to worry about all the scare stories concerning all the chemicals used in deodorants. You can keep smelling sweet and stay natural, and it won’t cost a lot, either! Simply mix four tablespoons of Baking soda with ten drops of your favorite essential oil. Choose your favorite aromas yourself; you can even combine them to make your own signature blend. Guides like can teach you more about mixing oils.  Apply with a thick brush and you’re all set. You can carry some around in a sealable tub if you want to reapply during the day.


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