Love + Relationships | Sex With Benefits: 7 Reasons to Have More Sex

Want to live longer and look younger? Reduce the hours primping in the bathroom and focus on what’s going on in the bedroom. According to Dr. Nicholas Sieveking a double board certified plastic surgeon and anti-aging/functional medicine specialist, the more sex we have the better we look and longer we may live. Here are 7 reasons to have more sex.


  1. Erase wrinkles! There is a biochemical basis for a look of relaxation and vibrant, glowing skin. According to Dr. Sieveking, “a healthy sex life normalizes cortisol levels and other inflammatory mediators such as cytokines and interleukins. This relaxes us and helps stimulate normal growth hormone levels and other sex hormones such as testosterone. It’s scientific truth that growth hormone and testosterone help repair damaged skin, erase wrinkles, stimulate collagen regeneration, and give you an overall younger and healthier appearance.”
  2. Sharpen your memory! Sure you can play sodoku, do crossword puzzles and add memory boosting foods to your diet such as leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, fish rich in omega 3’s and legumes. These are all important. However, Dr. Sieveking adds, “when you have more sex your sleep quality enhances thus allowing time for cellular turnover and repair. Studies show, particularly in women, as growth hormone and testosterone levels increase and become balanced; memory improves.”
  3. Ward off life threatening diseases! “Maintaining adequate levels and hormonal balance reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and stroke. It also helps to maintain muscle and bone strength. Studies show that sexually active people have health benefits that carry them into their later years,” offers Dr. Sieveking.
  4. Reduce stress! Often referred to as the “cuddle hormone,” the stress and anxiety feel good hormone oxytocin floods the brain when we have sex. “This is what gives us that sleepy, relaxed, feeling after orgasm. Another hormone prolactin kicks in during orgasm and adds to that desire to breathe deeply and fall into a peaceful slumber,” explains Dr. Sieveking.
  5. Reduce pain! According to Dr. Sieveking, the common expression: “not tonight I have a headache,” needs to change to “I have a headache, so let’s have sex!” Oxytocin also alleviates pain. It’s one of the hormones naturally released during labor.
  6. Curb your appetite! Another great natural hormone that is produced during sex is phenetylamine. Dr. Sieveking explains that this hormone serves as a natural amphetamine that eases food cravings and regulates appetite. If you have sex in the morning or before dinner, you may feel like eating less and find yourself satisfied with a smaller food portion.
  7. Boost immunity! Immunoglobin A, our own immune-system-boosting antibody is enhanced during sex. Another powerful chemical DHEA is released during orgasm. This “superhero chemical” balances the immune system and helps to repair tissue.

So the next time your partner balks at having sex, you can make your case. Have sex like your life depends on it. It actually does!


About Dr. Nicholas Sieveking

Dr. Nicholas Sieveking is a board certified plastic surgeon who completed his training in General Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Stanford University. After Stanford, he received additional fellowship training in Aesthetic Surgery in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil. In addition to his plastic surgery board certification, Dr. Sieveking is also board certified with advanced fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine. This double board certification enables Dr. Sieveking to be the most complete anti-aging surgeon and physician to treat his patients age-related needs, from the inside to the outside. Dr. Sieveking has been featured on TV most recently on The Doctors.



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